1,080 KBS employees “Partisanship towards incompetence, resign the president and directors en masse”

Regarding the separate collection of TV license fees, 1,080 KBS스포츠토토 employees issued a statement on the 20th demanding the resignation of KBS President Kim Eui-cheol and the board of directors.

The ‘ Joint Struggle Committee for KBS Employees and Broadcasters for a New KBS (hereinafter referred to as the New KBS Joint Fighting Committee ) ‘ said on the day, “The current KBS crisis stems from biased broadcasting and incompetent management by the current management, and it is impossible to overcome the current crisis without their resignation. no,” he said. The new KBS joint fight committee reported that 1,080 KBS employees signed a statement demanding the resignation of President Kim and the board of directors. The new KBS public battle committee said, “The work of revising the enforcement ordinance for the separate collection of license fees is urgently underway. The life of public broadcaster KBS is at stake. We cannot overcome this crisis without an extraordinary decision and bold action,” he said. “Therefore, we strongly urge the resignation of President Kim and the entire board of directors.” The new KBS public combat committee said, “President Kim was incompetent as a manager and did not stop biased broadcasting. KBS ‘ barn was empty and overflowing with a musty smell,” he said. “Above all, he has no qualifications or ability to resolve the current KBS crisis. How can the person who caused the crisis solve the crisis?” new KBS

The committee said, “The final responsibility for all these mistakes lies with the board of directors, the highest decision-making body of KBS. ” Of course, I have to take responsibility with my resignation.”

The new KBS Public Fighting Committee said, “We apologize to the public for the disgraceful appearance of KBS, which has disappointed the public, take urgent measures regarding fair broadcasting, and make extraordinary changes to programming and management. ” is the resignation of the president and the total resignation of the board of directors. No problem can be solved without their resignation.”

The new KBS Joint Fighting Committee is a group formed by KBS employees belonging to the ‘ KBS Labor Union’, which is classified as conservative among the three labor unions of KBS , and the ‘Korean Journalists’ Association (Eonchong)’ . Currently, the representative labor union negotiating with KBS management is not these organizations, but the KBS headquarters of the media union under the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.

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