1136m above sea level, ‘great chaos’ with increased flight distance

On the 18th, the 10th hole (par 4) of High1 CC in Jeongseon, Gangwon, where the second round of the KLPGA Tour High1 Resort Women’s Open was held. The tee shot, which flew 252 yards straight, landed in the middle of the fairway. The remaining distance is about 100 yards. The distance that top rankers can easily drop near the hole. However, Lee Ye-won’s wedge shot passed the hole by about 5m. Fortunately, she made a birdie, but the iron distance was not right throughout the game, so it was easy to find long putts or shots from the rough at the back of the green. ‘Defending champion’ Han Jin-seon was in trouble as her driving distance increased more than usual and she kept falling into bunkers.

For amateur golfers, ‘increased distance’ is a pleasant story. In particular, High1 CC is located at 1136m above sea level, making it the highest golf course in Korea. It is famous as ‘a golf course that flies one more club’. Theoretically, for every 150m increase in altitude, the flight distance increases by 1%. In High1 CC, this means that the flight distance can be increased to 10 to 30 m.

Chapultepec Golf Club, where the PGA Tour Mexico Championship is held, is 2300m above sea level. This place has 13-15% more distance than on flat ground. Justin Thomas (USA)’s driver shot flew 409 yards and his 6-iron shot flew 240 yards, which made the players panic.

However, a sudden increase in distance is inconvenient for professional golfers who desperately need a birdie. Driver shots often fly farther than usual and fall into the penalty area or into the bunker. In particular, the iron shot taken to catch a birdie flies long, and if you hold 1 club less than usual and make a control shot, rather short cases appear one after another. Moreover, High1 CC is a steep mountain course. I have no choice but to struggle with course management. This is why players make their tee shot safe with a wood or utility rather than a driver.먹튀검증

Lee Ye-won, who is aiming to win the championship for two weeks in a row following last week, also shot 284 yards (hole 1), and the distance of her tee shot increased, but she struggled to capture the green. The ranking has gone down to the middle ranks.

The top of the leaderboard is filled with players looking for their first win of the season. Among the morning group players, Park Do-young cut 3 strokes on this day alone and took the lead with a 6-under-par 138 strokes in the middle. Park Do-young is an unknown player who ranks 81st in prize money this year. However, he took the opportunity to win the first championship in his life at High1 CC by playing stably, including 13th place in the first competition in the second half of the year, the Jeju Samdasoo Masters and 36th place in the Doosan Engineering & Construction Weave Championship. In addition, Lee So-mi, who has not yet won a championship this year, but has been in the top 10 six times, including three third places, has risen to the top with Park Gyeol and Ji Han-sol with an interim total of 4 under par and 140 strokes.

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