197 saves Hanwha ‘Captain’ … The reason why he appeared as a daily coach to a major league starter [Kwak Gyeong-hoon’s scene]

At the ‘2023 Hanwha Spring Camp’ held on the 11th at Bellbank Park, Arizona, USA, Hanwha foreign pitcher Peña and Jung Woo-ram exchanged serious talks.

Wearing a Hanwha uniform this year as well as last year, Pena approached right after Jung Woo-ram’s catch ball.스포츠토토

Jung Woo-ram was asked to show his grip on his fastball, which is his specialty, and his changeup, which is the best in the league.

Jung Woo-ram explained to Pena the grip to hold the ball for about 5 minutes, and Pena also practiced it over and over again. It was so serious that other pitchers came close to watch it.

Pena was also seen practicing the grip Jung Woo-ram showed during training. Hanwha Pena joined in June last year as a foreign player to replace Nick Kingham and faithfully played a starting role. He played 5 or more innings on 9 occasions, including 5 quality starts in 13 appearances, and showed good pitching content over and over again, so he signed a contract with Hanwha for 2023.

Jung Woo-ram, the best player in his team, is already in his 20th season. He is a veteran among veterans who pitched in 952 KBO League games and recorded 197 saves and 137 holds.

However, there was a hiatus last year when he was absent from the first team for more than 100 days due to shoulder pain. He returned to his former form after returning in September, recording 7 holds in 15 matches.

Regarding the 1,000 game trip, Jung Woo-ram said, “You have to do it. I ran without being aware of the record, but I think it will be meaningful. I have to do it this year. I have to do it,” he said.

As a captain, Jung Woo-ram said, “Hanwha’s leap forward and escape from the dark ages. So, I don’t think much about positions and roles, let alone 1,000 games.”

Meanwhile, the Hanwha Eagles started their second spring camp in earnest on the 28th at Gochin Down Park in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan.

Starting with a practice game against Lotte on the 2nd of next month, Hanwha will play 5 practice games, including against SSG on the 3rd, against Lotte on the 5th, against KIA on the 7th, and against Samsung on the 8th, and return home on the 9th.

[Hanwha ‘Captain’ Woo-ram Jung shows Pena how to hold his grip.

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