20 wears, 20 minutes of applause…Solidarity against Vinicius discrimination wins

Everyone’s number 20

Everyone gives a standing ovation for the first 20 minutes

Players chant
“Racism is out of soccer”

Fans chant
“We are all Vinicius”

Real Madrid is united.

Three days ago,
because of this scene.

“Monkey!” “Stupid nigger!”

Hate is ‘normal’ in La Liga

“I’m going to suffer this for the next generation.
I will fight to the end.”

words of anger
became an echo of solidarity.

The president of Brazil…
and Brazilian citizens rose to their feet.

[Kelly Cristina/Pele’s daughter].
“What my father went through in 1958.
shouldn’t happen to Vinicius in 2023.”

The Brazilian Congress also called in the Spanish ambassador to protest.

The power of solidarity is strong

Eventually, the La Liga president bowed.

[Javier Tebas/La Liga president].
“If that’s how the Brazilians understood it, they should apologize”먹튀검증


Outside the stadium today.
a poster of Vinicius was torn down.

When will we see
will we see a ground free of hate?

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