’20 wins in total’ Jang Ha-na, 24 over par catastrophe in two days… Miscut in 15 consecutive games

Over two days, he shot a total of 24 over par and 168 strokes, and was eliminated from the cut.

It’s not a weekend golfer’s score. This is a shocking score recorded by Jang Ha-na (31), who debuted on the tour in 2011 and has won 20 individual wins, including 15 wins on the KLPGA Tour and 5 wins on the LPGA Tour over the past 12 years.

He shot 13 over par 85 in the second round of the Chris Lev NC KLPGA Championship, the first major tournament of the season on the KLPGA tour held at Lakewood CC in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 28th. He hit two more strokes than the 11-over-par 83 of the first round the previous day.

It was 19 more strokes than the cut standard 1 over par 145 strokes. It is an unbelievable record for a big star who won the prize money king and grand prize in 2013 and tied for third place at E1 Charity in May 2021, surpassing 5 billion won in total prize money for the first time on the KLPGA tour.

Jang Ha-na missed the cut in 12 consecutive matches from the High1 Resort Women’s Open in August last year to this KLPGA Championship. If you add up to 3 withdrawals, it is in effect eliminated from the cut in 15 consecutive competitions. They say that even if a rich man perishes, he will eat and live for three years.

‘Golf emperor’ Tiger Woods (USA), who visited Korea in 2004 when she was in the 6th grade of elementary school, saw Jang Ha-na’s swing and praised her, saying, “There is nothing more to teach”. Obviously not.바카라사이트 Not to mention herself, she is not the only one who is shocked by the fans.

There is no clear cause for the sluggishness. I deduce that it may just be a chronic ankle injury, but it is not the sole reason. Rather, the diagnosis that the cause was not adapting to the changed swing that went into correction during the season last year is gaining more convincing.

After much consideration, Hana Jang requested SOS from Pro Kim Chang-min, who was in charge of her swing until she entered the LPGA Tour, a month ago. During the first round of the tournament, pro Kim Chang-min, who carefully checked the game of his former student while galleries the 18th hole, said, “It will be difficult, but I think I will regain my old self in the near future.”

In other words, he said that you can get rid of the fear that weighs you down only when you have the mindset to forget the splendid moments for a while and start over. Pro Kim Chang-min said, “I have a problem with my swing. But more importantly, he must think of his prime and get rid of the habit of being conscious of the fans’ eyes on each and every shot.”

Lastly, he said, “As an old teacher, the reality that (Chang) Hana is dealing with is really heartbreaking.” I would be grateful if the fans would send a lot of interest and support so that Hana can stand up again.”

Ha-na Jang, unable to look at the fans, hurriedly exited the green on the 18th hole with her head down. It’s not like he’s full of fighting spirit. Instead, on social media, “You can walk slowly. If you run, you’ll get tired and hurt. looking around. let’s laugh now There will only be things to laugh about,” he promised to revive.

Jang Ha-na will participate in the Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open, which will be held at Asiad CC in Gijang-gun, Busan, from the 5th of next month, and challenge to pass the cut first.

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