‘2500 annual salary controversy’ Kang Min-kyung “I was ignorant, adjusted to 3000 starting salary”

On the 11th, Davichi member Kang Min-kyung, who caused controversy over ‘Passion Pay’ by offering an annual salary at the minimum wage level while hiring experienced employees of her clothing brand, said, “It was an ‘accident’ that the annual salary of 25 million won was incorrectly written in the career announcement.” “We will adjust the starting salary for new recruits to 30 million won,” he said.

Kang said on Instagram that day, “There are various controversies related to the recruitment announcement for the brand ‘Abiemuir’ that I currently run.” As the representative, I want to speak honestly with a sense of responsibility.” Previously, on the 5th, Kang posted an advertisement for a full-time, experienced CS (customer service) employee 온라인카지노

for the women’s clothing brand “Avie Muir”, which she founded in 2020, on her job information site . According to the announcement, CS employees will be in charge of consultations via phone, bulletin board, messenger, and e-mail, collection of order forms, communication with logistics centers related to shipping and returns, and planning and collection of operational policies through analysis of customer inquiries. As qualifications for application, they requested ‘a person with more than 3 years of experience in online mall CS work’ and ‘intermediate level or higher in using Excel’. Along with this, a controversy arose over the proposed annual salary of 25 million won, ‘passion pay’.

Regarding this, Mr. Kang explained, “The new employee’s annual salary of 25 million won was incorrectly posted in the career announcement while reusing the previously used announcement.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “‘Aviemuah’ is negotiating the treatment of experienced workers based on the previous annual salary.”

Regarding the fact that the average annual salary of ‘Aviemuah’ is around 22.3 million won and the resignation rate is 52%, which is a data from a job information site, which spread through online communities, “Our company’s resignation rate is 30.4%, and the company in 2020 Since its founding, 22 people joined the company, 6 people left, and 10 out of 16 team members are currently working.”

He said, “It is difficult to say the average annual salary accurately considering the sentiment within the company, but it is about the average annual salary of small and medium-sized businesses, and 22.3 million won is an outrageous amount.”

On Twitter, etc., mentioning the 27 million won gas stove introduced in the housewarming video that Mr. Kang released on YouTube, it was pointed out that “employee’s salary is less than that of the gas stove.”

Mr. Kang said, “I didn’t know that expensive desks and gas stoves would become controversial along with the job posting.” .

He added, “Through this job, I was able to learn that more special attention and careful consideration are needed to run a company as an entertainer.”

Ms. Kang said, “I came to look around her while listening to various advices,” and she said, “I didn’t think that it could reduce the value of those who are dreaming of the same industry.”

He continued, “With this incident as an opportunity, we will adjust the starting salary of the current ‘Aviemuah’ new team members as well as all new recruits regardless of academic background/regardless of career experience/newcomers to 30 million won.”

Mr. Kang apologized, saying, “I, who live a life where every move is exposed to the public, how dare I try to hire someone with bad intentions?” and “I was really ignorant.

He added, “We plan to hire a person in charge of personnel soon, and we will review the current personnel system with advice from experts and show you how to systematically improve it.”

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