30 million won bracelet lost… Suspect is ‘the man with the back bent’

The police, who received a report that a diamond bracelet worth 30 million won was lost on the street, found the person who gave it to them through CCTV analysis안전놀이터. In order to find the bracelet, the police looked through the CCTV footage of people bending down to pick up something.

A diamond bracelet reported lost. It is said to be worth 30 million won. SBS press screen capture

On the 18th, a report was received at the Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul that a diamond bracelet worth 30 million won was lost. Mr. A, a woman in her 50s, said she checked the route she passed through, but she couldn’t find the bracelet.

The police looked through the CCTV footage and found a ‘person bowing down’ instead of a bracelet. It was because of the thought that if the bracelet was off the street, someone would have given it to me.

A scene in which a man bent down on the street is walking holding something in his right hand. The diamond bracelet reported lost was kept by this man. SBS press screen capture

In fact, on the street in front of a cafe, a man was caught looking as if he was bending over and picking up something from the floor. The man moved in his truck, which was parked in his neighborhood. Police checked the truck and found a missing bracelet in the truck.

The man, who was charged with theft and embezzlement of property, is reported to have told the police that he “kept the bracelet thinking it was a toy.”

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