“90% of the preparations are completed…10% is filled with games” Busan coach Park Jin-seop’s goal is to ‘promote through PO’

 “Now, I am not in a position to be challenged, but in a position to be challenged.”

Commanders of the 13 K League 2 teams and players representing the clubs gathered at The-K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 21st to attend the 2023 K League 2 Media Day.

Prior to the full-scale event, OSEN met with director Park Jin-seop of Busan I-Park. Coach Jin-seop Park, who is about to face off against Cheonan City FC, a new club at 1:30 pm on March 1st, said, “90% is complete. The remaining 10% will play games and make up for problems,” he said and said he was ready for the 2023 season. 메이저놀이터

Busan, which has been promoted and relegated repeatedly and has established itself as a K-League 2 strong team, had a difficult time in the past two seasons. They finished 5th in the 2021 season and finished the 2022 season in 10th out of 11 teams. It is the 2023 season that must ‘rebound’ with a new mindset. The following is a Q&A with director Park Jin-seop.

– Many people say that coach Park’s soccer is fun.

It’s hard to explain ‘what kind of football’. Basically, we attack and defend together. The situation with the ball is divided into offense and the situation without the ball is divided into defense. There was an idea of ​​wanting to destroy the position. that’s my philosophy It’s difficult for the players as I put that part into the tactics little by little, but from a good point of view, I think it will be new fun.

– It must have been difficult to peel off the color of the former director.

That was the hardest part. It was difficult to peel off the color of the former coach, and it was quite difficult to change the habits of the players. These are players who have kicked the ball since childhood. It was difficult to understand and explain.

-I think you talked a lot with the players.

I tried to avoid the overall meeting if possible and tried to keep the time short. Instead, there was a lot of individual feedback on the playground. Allow 15 minutes of free time before training ends. During training, we had time to talk about the parts we were curious about and the parts that were difficult.

– The last two seasons were difficult. current mood.

good night. I want to keep going well. There will be good times and bad times. I thought that the atmosphere influenced the players, and I emphasized to the players, ‘Let’s brighten up the training atmosphere even when it’s not good’. When it’s good, you should continue. He said let’s go while fighting a lot.

– The players said, ‘Now we have to win’.

I didn’t talk like that. That said, it can be burdensome. It is the director’s responsibility to win or not. We must do our best so that the players can embody the soccer we want to play well on the playground. It is basic. He emphasized that he should never give up in the game and keep going until the end because the fans watch and support him. He talked about the basics that must be followed as a professional player.

-The most careful part.

While reinforcing players, we needed players to deal with injuries when some players were injured, so we tried to thicken the player base. I tried to reduce the gap between the main and non-main matches. When a player was injured or fell into a slump, another player prepared to fill the role. paid a lot of attention

-There is a problem with the grass in the stadium.

I haven’t been there yet. I don’t know what the situation is and how it will turn out. I probably won’t be able to use it until round 3. Stepping on the grass at the home game of Kim Cheon Sangmu. You have to watch. I just wish you well.

-When you hear ‘Busan’, there is a view that it is a team that will be promoted.

Now, it is not a position to be challenged, but a position to be challenged. A lot of people think that the team called Busan is always on the rise, so there is a little pressure. But now it’s a challenge. I want to put down my anxiety and challenge myself to improve my performance.

-You played well in the last 2-3 games of last season.

The last 3-4 games were the process of preparing the tactical part for this season. You have to fill in the perfection here. The players also did a lot of tactical training during winter training. Everyone is thinking good.

– What are your goals for this season?

Of course it’s a promotion You can win promotion, but in reality, promotion to the playoffs is the way. Trying hard.

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