A delivery driver with a two-year-old… and a dozen insurance scams.

A man in his 20s who intentionally caused a car accident while carrying his pregnant wife and two-year-old child to collect insurance money has been handed over to prosecutors.

The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency announced on the 22nd that it sent A to prosecutors on suspicion of violating the Insurance Fraud Prevention Special Act.

Three others, including Mr. A’s wife, Ms. B, and two of Mr. A’s middle school classmates, who participated in the crime, were also sent to custody.

A and others are accused of intentionally causing contact accidents with vehicles that violated traffic laws in Gwangju and Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, for about five years from April 2018 to last February, and then claiming insurance money in the name of settlement and repair costs.

It was investigated that they extorted about 167 million won from insurers on 37 occasions.

Of these, Mr. A alone was found to have committed 19 crimes, and he usually worked as a delivery driver and collected insurance money by driving a motorcycle and hitting vehicles that reversed or changed course at a three-way intersection.

In particular, Mr. A took his wife, Ms. B, their young children, and a classmate in a rental car to commit insurance fraud.

It is understood that Mrs. B was six months pregnant at the time of the first offense.

Mr. A also committed 16 crimes with his child, who turned 2 this year, in the car.

A man suspected of repeat insurance fraud rams into a car changing lanes. Courtesy of Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency

During the police investigation, A and his family said they committed the crimes to pay off gambling debts and make ends meet.

As for why they put their young child in the car, they said it was 먹튀검증to get more insurance money and avoid suspicion of a crime.

It is understood that they took about 10 million won from the child’s settlement alone.

Article 8 of the Insurance Fraud Prevention Special Act (Insurance Fraud Crime) states that a person who obtains insurance proceeds or causes a third party to obtain insurance proceeds through insurance fraud shall be punished by imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine of up to 50 million won.

The case came to light in January when an insurer reported 18 cases of Mr. A’s traffic accident history to the police, saying, “I suspect insurance fraud.”

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