A female driver who left with a gas gun plugged in… A man who poured oil across the street, ‘Rain’

A vehicle at a self-service gas station메이저사이트 left with the gas gun plugged in, and an accident occurred when the person across from the gas station was hit by the gas gun.

On the 13th, a closed circuit ( CC ) TV video containing the video of the accident was released on the social network service ( SNS ) of the online community. The video shows a woman dressed in white finishing her gas and getting into her vehicle. The woman then walks away without pulling out her gas gun. When the vehicle started, the fuel gun, which had been pulled out with great force, flew toward the man who was refueling from the other side. The man, who was suddenly hit by a gas gun in the arm, sat down on the floor and complained of his pain. Mr. A, who identified himself as the victim’s older brother, reported the video and said, “My younger brother almost died. If he had been hit in the head, it would have been a big deal. At self-service gas stations, there are often people who leave without pulling out the gas gun. Look wide and check. must be done,” he said. According to Mr. A, the gas station plans to claim damages of 30 million won from the female driver. In fact, accidents similar to this occur frequently, requiring drivers’ attention. In May 2021, an accident occurred in Korea where a part-time student from a college student was caught in the gas line after the vehicle started without removing the gas tank, resulting in a head injury.

In addition, a similar accident occurred in China in 2019, resulting in a large-scale fire. Normally, oil does not leak if the gas gun is pulled with strong force, but at the time, it was known that the gas gun itself collapsed and caught fire, and it was transferred to a gas station in an instant.

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