A Jeju Expedition Mystery that Neither the Manager nor the Players Can Understand

In the K-League 1, a professional soccer team riding the spring breeze, the rebound of Jeju United draws attention.

Jeju faltered as it failed to win its first win until the opening 5 games, but in the following 5 games, it did well with 4 wins and 1 loss. As of the 3rd, the ranking is 5th. It is still not a satisfactory result, but if the current trend is maintained, the competition for the championship is worth looking forward to.

Jeju’s rising trend is all the more interesting because it has unexpected twists and turns.

Professional sports are usually familiar, and home games supported by fans are advantageous, but Jeju is the opposite.

Jeju’s record on home play this year is 1 draw메이저놀이터 and 3 losses. It is a 10-game draw (3 draws and 7 losses) from the 1-2 loss to Suwon Samsung on August 20 last year. When he goes on an expedition, instead of recording only one loss this year, he is smiling with four wins and one draw. Since Jeju is the only island in the K-League, it is hard to understand because it boasts of a harsh expedition. In the past, there were more times when Jeju reigned as an absolute powerhouse at home.

Jeju director Nam Ki-il said, “I am also looking for a reason. At home, I have to win for the fans who support me… “I am about to sigh.

The players are equally perplexed. Koo Ja-cheol, the captain, said, “It’s definitely not a coincidence.”

It is pointed out that excessive enthusiasm is the problem with the away mystery that neither the coach nor the players can understand. This year, the average number of spectators at home games in Jeju has increased significantly to 8,155. This is a big change compared to last year when the number barely exceeded 3,000. However, it is evaluated that the players’ excessive desire to win by being encouraged by the increased spectators actually ruined the game. It is necessary to play home games at the same tempo and flow as away games.

Fortunately, it is true that the injury problem that has been holding back Jeju is showing signs of being resolved little by little. Lee Chang-min returned from injury and Jeong-woon scored as soon as he returned. If the number of players who can shake off injuries increases, the physical fitness problem caused by only running players will be solved to some extent.

There is also an expectation that different results will come out in the home game against the Pohang Steelers on the 6th. Koo Ja-cheol said, “I have the mindset of wanting to win, but it’s ironic that he doesn’t get results.” Still, I believe he will win his first win against Pohang this time.”

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