A New Life in Golf with Her Husband: The Story of LPGA Pro Woon-Jeong Choi

Choi Woon-jeong, who has entered her 15th year since entering the LPGA in 2009, has already been married for over two years. His golf life also found new vitality in the half that came around the time he fell into mannerisms due to his long tour life.

His grades, which have changed stably since his marriage, support this. Last year, at the Walmart Arkansas Championship, he ranked third alone, his best result in nearly two years.

The one who was more pleased with his growth was his husband. At the Drive On Championship held at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club in Gold Canyon, Arizona, USA, her husband followed Choi Woon-jung and captured each swing scene with a camera. That’s how much her husband’s love for Choi Woon-jung is great.

Choi Woon-jeong also knew her husband’s love. In an interview with Monster Gym, Choi Woon-jeong smiled and said, “I know that I take every shot, but after the round is over, I only show the shots that went well and never show the ones that went wrong. I am doing good image training every night.”

At the Drive-On Championship, the third competition this season, Choi Woon-jung finished the tournament with a 13-under par 23rd place, a 71st place in the first competition, and a tie for 39th in the second competition.

Regarding this, Choi Woon-jung commented, “In the last round, I played no-bogey for the first time this year. There were a few holes that I was disappointed with, including the last hole, but thanks to my good save, I got a good result.”

Now Choi Woon-jung flies to LA to prepare for the DIO Implant LA Open. What thoughts will she have to prepare for the next competition? He said먹튀검증, “The courses this week and next week are very different. This week is flat and the putting goes as expected, but next week is very curved. So I think I will need a lot of help from a caddy.”

He continued, “Because the course is not that long, I think I can create good chances if I practice only shots from less than 100 yards.” He emphasized the importance of the short game.

Expectations seemed high especially since it was held in LA, where there are many Koreans. Choi Woon-jeong smiled and said, “I’m really looking forward to the next tournament. I feel like I’m playing in Korea because a lot of Koreans cheer for me, and I’m looking forward to it because my sister said she’ll prepare Korean food.” 

Lastly, I asked him what impact marriage had on his golfing life. He summed up his married life by saying:

“At first, I started playing golf because I liked golf, but after a long professional life, I got used to the tour life. Good. Marriage is good.”

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