A word from the ‘Emperor’ changed Lee Hae-in, the era of Kim Yu-na after the ‘breakdown’ post

The debate about who is the most advanced in the position of ‘Post Yuna Kim’ has become meaningless. Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School) proved the current state of Korean female figure skating with perfect results.

In the women’s single free skating at the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating World Championships held at Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on the 24th, Lee Hae-in received a technical score (TES) of 75.53 points and an art score (PCS) of 71.79 points, a total of 147.32 points.

In her short program, she scored her personal best score of 73.62, and with a total score of 220.94, she placed second behind Kaori Sakamoto (Japan, 224.61 points) and was honored with a silver medal. The bronze medal went to Luna Hendricks (Belgium) with 210.42 points.

After 2013 Kim Yu-na (33, retired) won the gold medal, Lee Hae-in took over 10 years after the cessation of life. Her personal best score (213.52 points), which she received at the 2022 ISU Four Continents Championships, far exceeded.

It was a cotyledon called a cotyledon. She became the youngest Korean athlete ever to win her medal at the ISU Junior Grand Prix event. It was a faster pace than Yuna Kim. In 2019, she won two consecutive ISU Junior Grands Prix events for the first time since Kim Yuna.

There were also trials. Lee Hae-in, who was solidifying her position as a ‘post-Kim Yu-na’, bowed her head at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics due to her poor physical condition. Her earlier opening was a result that was all the more unacceptable for her, as she helped increase South Korea’s Olympic quota to two by reaching 10th at the 2021 ISU World Championships.

Through the Olympics, Yoo-young (19) and Kim Ye-rim (20) raised public awareness and received a lot of attention, making them more prepared.

However, the more it hurts, the more mature it is. Effortless Lee Hae-in participated in the Four Continents Championships last year and recorded a personal best score (213.52 points), winning the silver medal and ranking 7th at the World Championships.

At the beginning of this season, I had to face a big obstacle. His condition at the beginning was not normal, and in the aftermath, he failed to hunt for medals by placing 4th in succession in the 1st and 3rd ISU Senior Grand Prix competitions먹튀검증. The organization of the assignment was also disappointing. Normally, in figure skating, it is common to perform the same performance for a year after completing the composition of music, choreography, and assignments to perform during the off-season, but Lee Hae-in made a river by changing the composition of jumps during the season.

Yuna Kim’s advice was also a great help. From the beginning to the end of her performance, Kim Yu-na gave Lee Hae-in, who seemed to be full of energy, tips on how to control her dynamics. Yuna Kim, who became the ‘Empress’ with emotional acting as rich as her exciting jumps, spared no criticism about Lee Hae-in’s inaccurate handling of her gaze.

Lee Hae-in, who filled the missing 2%, flew up as if he had forgotten his limits. At the Four Continents Championships at the beginning of last month, she achieved the feat of winning the championship for the first time in 14 years since Kim Yu-na, and on this day, she once again wrote a new history.

It was hard to find flaws in his acting, which started with the OST of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. ISU also commented after the game, “The only flaw was the lack of rotation in the triple toe loop.”

It was a season in which we gained a lot. According to the ISU website, Lee Hae-in, who held an official post-game press conference, said, “I had a lot of problems at the beginning of the season, but I learned how to overcome difficulties and settle my mind. Courage to overcome adversity is the biggest asset I gained this season.” .

“I didn’t really expect a medal while participating in this world championship. Today, I performed cleanly and this is a great pleasure for me,” he said. I will take it as a message to work harder after this season.”

In an interview with Golden Skate in the US, she expressed her special appreciation for Yuna Kim. He said, “I am especially grateful to her unnie Yuna. She gave me a lot of advice not only on how to compete, but also about things outside of the game. Yuna is my role model forever.”

She seems to be able to walk the same path as Kim Yuna, even if she is judged by her pace. Yuna Kim won her first gold medal at her World Championships when she was 18 years old. Lee Hae-in made remarkable progress during the season. Curiosity amplifies how far his growth, which is not yet 18 years old, will continue.

Of course, this is just the beginning. There are still many things that need to be refined in order to become a real ‘figure skating queen’ beyond the ‘Korean figure skating queen’. After a hectic season, Lee Hae-in sets out to equip a new weapon called the triple axel to go higher. Lee Hae-in’s new season, which has a splendid finish, is already full of anticipation.

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