After 10 games without a win, Jeju fell into deep silence. Will Nam Ki-il find a breakthrough?

 “I can’t go in and put it in…”

Nam Ki-il, manager of Jeju United, is deeply concerned. This is because he has not been able to sound the win for the 10th game already. The swamp of draw that started with Gangwon FC (2-2 draw) at Jeju World Cup Stadium on June 3 continues until the game on the 6th. Coincidentally, this game was also a home match against Gangwon, which was the starting point of a draw. On this day, in the 37th minute of the second half, Jeju allowed Park Sang-hyeok of Gangwon to take the lead and was dragged away, but in the extra time of the second half, Hayes directly succeeded in a dramatic penalty kick chance, narrowly avoiding defeat.

Like this, as the slump of 10 consecutive games without a win (4 draws and 6 losses) continued, the ranking, which had been flying high, plummeted. Jeju, which was second in the K-League 1 until June 4, fell to ninth in just two months, and now has to worry about entering the Final A. There is still a chance for a rebound as there is only a 3-point gap with Daegu FC in 6th place, which is the final A final line. However, if the winless streak continues further, it may fall into an irreversible situation.

The problem lies in the fact that there is no clear solution to break the long-lasting link of monks. This is because Jeju’s sluggishness is not a problem of one or two parts, but a complex one. On the surface, ‘absence of strikers’ and ‘departure of key veterans’ can be cited.

First of all, Ju Min-gyu, who played a clear role as the team’s leading scorer until last year, moved to Ulsan Hyundai ahead of this season, and the player who would play the role of the main scorer disappeared. It happened before the opening of the season, so the damage wasn’t great in the beginning, but recently, the sluggish scoring continues, and the vacancy is felt again.

In addition, the foundation of the team squad was shaken as veterans Koo Ja-cheol and Choi Young-joon were injured, Lee Chang-min enlisted in the military, and Ahn Hyun-beom transferred to Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. As a result, it is evaluated that Jeju’s power itself has greatly weakened compared to two months ago.안전놀이터

As a result, Jeju scored a total of 10 goals during 10 consecutive draws, but the balance of offense and defense collapsed with 21 runs. Because of this, even coach Nam Ki-il, who is well known as a ‘research leader’ in the K-League, is unable to come up with a definite countermeasure.

After the match against Gangwon on the 6th, coach Nam said, “During the rest period, the overall balance was well-balanced, and the gap between offense and defense was as desired, but in the second half, a gap widened.” I didn’t. I’ve been training a lot, but it’s a pity that it didn’t come out.”

First of all, director Nam emphasizes that in order to escape the slump, you must first score a goal. He said, “I am creating various chances through training, but the biggest problem is that I do not score. I have to solve this part, but it is difficult because it does not work.” In the end, a solver must come out who will put the finishing touches on Nam’s game plan. The only person to trust is Hayes (six goals), who scored a dramatic equalizer against Gangwon. Director Nam urged Hayes to exert himself, saying, “There must be a lot of effective shots. The cross must also have a part that connects to a colleague.” Attention is focusing on when Jeju will break the long cycle of monks.

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