The Argentine soccer team returned home in gold with the World Cup trophy. The crowds that filled the airport and downtown Buenos Aires welcomed their return home.

The Argentine team, which won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, arrived at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 20th (Korean time) by private plane. When the door of the plane with the inscription ‘One team, one country, one dream’ was opened, captain Lionel Messi appeared with the championship trophy in his hand. Then, head coach Lionel Scaloni and the team followed Messi with bright faces wearing the championship medal around their necks.

Those who got off the plane boarded a double-decker bus with no roof. The bus had three stars symbolizing three World Cup victories and the phrase World Champion.

It was 3:00 in the morning, and the scene unfolded in a colorless way. On the way from the airport to the Argentine Football Association (AFA) training ground, a densely packed crowd sang cheering songs and welcomed the players. The bus was blocked by the crowd and could not speed up, but the athletes responded to the support of the citizens with bright faces without showing any signs of tiredness. AFA broadcast this scene live.메이저놀이터

The athletes will conduct a formal car parade from the training ground to the obelisk in the city from noon. As the Argentine government has designated this day as a temporary holiday to commemorate its first World Cup victory in 36 years, millions of citizens are expected to take to the streets and enjoy the festival.