‘As you say’ Ha Jae-hoon “My last wish is a home run king”

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Ha Jae-hoon of SSG, a professional baseball player, led the team to 3 consecutive wins with a home run in 3 consecutive games.

Reporter Lee Myung-no met Ha Jae-hoon, who said he wants to achieve what he says, from being the salvation king as a pitcher to the home run king as a hitter.

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Top ranks These days, the fight is fluctuating.

SSG Ha Jae-hoon’s performance is unusual.

On the 26th, he led a come-from-behind victory with a ground home run, and the next day, he beat Doosan Ace Alcantara with a two-run four, and yesterday with a three-point home run, he led three consecutive victories.

For former pitcher Ha Jae-hoon, it was an extraordinary three-game home run.

“Ayu, home runs are good. (Pitchers) strike out a lot.

Ha Jae-hoon is contributing to the team’s rebound in the second half with his hot hitting and reckless play.

He broke his collarbone in spring camp and fractured his thumb in June, less than 20 days after his return.

I know the worries around me, but I can’t help it.

“Because it breaks again, ah.. This is really disastrous. (Around me) I exercise a lot of self-control… I think that my body reacts and moves on its own, which is the performance I have, so I will continue to do so in the future. . I think that’s the magic of baseball.”메이저사이트

The bold aspirations he revealed when he joined as a pitcher in 2018.

“Next year, I will take the place of the save king.”

Those words have become reality.

“I was the save king when I picked the best grade in the middle… I didn’t really want to do it, but when it came true… there was a little sense of achievement, like ‘Ah, I made it,’ and that’s it. .”

I don’t have any regrets about the club’s save record set at that time…

“We are aiming for the championship, and if we want to win, I hope Jin Yong-yi will save more and save more than my record.”

My last wish, ‘Home Run King’, is sincere.

“I want to be the home run king. Maybe I can… I want to try. Me?

“I’m very sorry that I only showed a lot of my sick side. Now I’m going to deal with all the sick things… If you watch over me in the future, I’ll repay you with a better performance.”

This is MBC News Lee Myung-no.

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