Since the founding of NC Dinos, it has been useful for 10 years. He was hard to see as a starting player, but he was a first-choice backup resource and a resource like Altoran. Kwon Hee-dong (33) was a necessary presence for NC. But now he was no longer able to accompany him. There are several alternative candidates, but there are promising candidates who can accurately fill Kwon Hee-dong’s place. 토토사이트

NC Dinos, who had the most internal FA players this winter, ended the FA market to some extent after sharing the joy of parting and reunion. Catcher Yang Eui-ji, who had concentrated all his energy on staying, left after signing a 4+2 year, 15.2 billion won contract with Doosan, and shortstop Noh Jin-hyeok also signed a 4-year, 5 billion won contract with Lotte. Won Jong-hyun, who was one of the bullpen’s winning contributors, also took on a new challenge wearing a Kiwoom uniform for 4 years and 2.5 billion won. Instead, NC signed a long-term contract with second baseman Park Min-woo for a total of 14 billion won for 5+3 years, and left Lee Jae-hak, a “founding contributor,” at 900 million won for 2+1 years. And to fill the catcher void left by Yang Eui-ji, he brought Park Se-hyuk for 4 years and 4.6 billion won. 

However, he did not negotiate with outfielders Lee Myeong-gi (C grade) and Kwon Hee-dong (B grade). If you have already notified of your intention to not sign the contract and there is an offer to recruit another team instead, you are forward-looking for a sign-and-trade. The problem is that they don’t have any suggestions yet.

Breaking up with Lee Myung-gi was expected to some extent. The advantage of being a quick left-handed hitter was not competitive within NC. However, in the case of Kwon Hee-dong, he was a relatively useful player. He entered the 2013 rookie draft with the 84th overall pick in the 9th round, and while covering all outfield positions, he was moderately used as an OPS hitter with both on-base and slugging power. It was also because he was a right-handed hitter. As a semi-main player, he strengthened outfield depth and served as a lubricant for the team’s operation. In 2017, he had a career high season with a batting average of .286 (135 hits in 472 bats), 19 home runs, 86 RBIs, and 72 runs scored in 141 games, leaving an OPS of .829. His career batting average is 2.5 9, but his on-base percentage is 3.5 3, which is close to 10. He has enough power to hit even double-digit home runs. 

In 2021, in 55 games, he recorded a batting average of 26.3 Lee (35 hits in 133 at-bats), 8 homers, 26 RBIs, and an OPS of .872. kept However, the pace fell sharply as he was suspended from a business trip due to suspicion of violating the quarantine rules for the away accommodation. After returning from disciplinary action this year, he had a batting average of .227 (54 hits in 238 at-bats), 5 homers, 22 RBIs and OPS of .654 in 82 games. His pinch hit batting average was also 201.8 li. advantage was lost. 

The value of the ‘1st priority backup’ player was lost, and young beasts were also coming up. In particular, Cheon Jae-hwan (29), a younger replacement resource, has emerged as a right-handed outfielder who can hit long shots. Last year, he only recorded a batting average of 104 and 3 (5 hits in 35 at-bats) and 1 home run in 29 games, but after joining as a foster player, he has been reborn as a player that raises expectations after going through years of perseverance. In the Futures League, he recorded a batting average of 3.1% (85 hits in 273 bats), 9 homers, 52 RBIs, and 18 stolen bases in 76 games, and an OPS of .846. 

Last year, director Kang In-kwon commented on Cheon Jae-hwan’s style, “I see it as a style similar to Kwon Hee-dong. He has the ability to digest all positions in the outfield, has a good arm, and can steal about 10 bases,” he explained. 

From the point of view of NC, there is a similar alternative resource called Cheon Jae-hwan, so he had no choice but to be lukewarm about the FA contract with Kwon Hee-dong. The existence of a player who tries to occupy a place in the first team with grit always instills tension in the squad. In addition to Cheon Jae-hwan, there is Han Seok-hyeon (29), who was recruited as a free agent by Futures, and Kim Seong-wook (30), who was discharged from the management, is also preparing for a comeback after surgery to remove a bone fragment from his elbow. Aside from the past use of Kwon Hee-dong, his competitiveness has disappeared. I am choosing to break up with Kwon Hee-dong because the team needs a gradual generational change.

NC is actively open to signing and trading Kwon Hee-dong. However, the club’s position says, “Isn’t it possible to discuss only when an offer comes in?” There were rumors that he was actively moving in Hanwha, but Hanwha is known enough to put Kwon Hee-dong only at the level of the interest list.