Banya Bukirich, who was nervous about the last nomination, “Me and High Pass are related”

Banja Bukirić (Serbia/198cm/OP) will wear the Korea Expressway Corporation uniform through the last nomination.

Banya Bukirich was the last 7th pick in the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Women’s Foreign Player Draft held at the Double먹튀검증 Tree by Hilton Umraniye Grand Ballroom in Turkey on the 13th at 5:00 pm (11:00 pm Korean time) Korea Expressway Corporation was nominated for

Immediately after the nomination, Banja Bukirich looked back on the tense moment, saying, “I was really nervous because there was only one person left. I felt joy and all kinds of emotions. In fact, before the name was called, I expected it, but it didn’t seem like it. It was just 50-50.” .

She also shared her regret about the tryout practice match. Banya Bukirich said, “The season ended in December of last year. I had to graduate at the same time, so I couldn’t exercise much. I want to show myself. I can join on August 1st.”

When asked how he felt about being on the winning team last year, Banja Bukirich gave strength to his voice, saying, “I heard that we won. Next year, of course, we must win.”

Banya Bukirich, who said he heard a lot about the Korean league from Ohio University coach Nicole Fawcett (former Korea Expressway Corporation), said he heard a lot of information from his friend Catalina.

” When the reporters asked if it was true, Vanja Vukirich said, “I haven’t heard such a detailed story. Was the Catalina a high pass? I got it now. I knew that Nicole and Ivana were from High Pass,” he laughed. Let’s

say that Vanja Bukirich lives in the next town with Ivana Nesovic, who led the road construction team to victory in the past. Banya Bukirich said,

“Seeing that everyone around me was a high pass, I think there is a relationship between high pass and me. I will show a better appearance by joining,”

he said with a smile. In a previous interview, Banja Bukirich’s wish to play in the same league as Kim Yeon-kyung has also come true. What kind of performance Vanja Bukirich will perform has emerged as another topic of discussion for the new season.

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