Barça, shocking ‘legend’ treatment…’11 years of dedication’ trying to kick out

Jordi Alba wants to stay on the team먹튀검증. But Barcelona don’t want him.

The best left-back of the 2010s. With a typical wingback style, constant participation in attacks, speed, vigorous activity and tireless stamina are its greatest strengths. He is good at both overlapping and underlapping, and as a native of Spain and Barcelona, ​​his ability to connect with his teammates is excellent. He cannot be said to be very good at shooting and crossing, but he is the type to consistently produce offensive points.

He is a ‘living legend’ of Barcelona. Prominent at Valencia, he headed to Camp Nou for the 2012–13 season. Established as a starting player from the first year of his transfer, he was in charge of Barcelona’s left side based on his unique attacking power. He also had a good link-up with “ace” Lionel Messi, and was equipped with the ability to flexibly solve the game over time.

He led Barcelona in its prime. While Alba was there, Barcelona won countless trophies, including five Spanish La Liga titles, five Copa del Rey titles, and one UEFA Champions League (UCL) title. In the 2018–19 season he was crowned UCL assists king and was named Catalan Footballer of the Year in 2018.

He’s still in good shape. His strengths in his prime have faded somewhat as he’s aged, but the class is forever. This season, he is showing his veteran side without regret, posting 1 goal and 6 assists in 24 games, including cup competitions.

However, it is unclear whether the partnership with Barcelona will be extended. His contract expires with only one year and two months left, but there is no issue of renewing his contract yet. In September of last year, he was rumored to be transferring to Atletico Madrid.

In this situation, the difference between Alba and Barcelona was revealed. According to Alfredo Martinez, who is familiar with the Barcelona news, Alba does not want to leave Barcelona, ​​but it is said that Barcelona do not want to stay with Alba next season.

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