‘BTS fan spirit’ without discipline… Female nursing officer, leaving without permission to go to camp

 A nursing officer of the 28th Division of the Army is being investigated by the military authorities in search of the unit where Jin works by leaving the workplace without permission to meet Jin of the group BTS , who is serving in the military.

In the afternoon of mid-January, Lieutenant A (female), a nursing officer of the 28th Army Division, used her vehicle to visit the Army 5th Division Recruit Training Center, where Jin is working.

Lieutenant A is said to have returned after administering the second vaccination to Jin at the 5th Division Recruit Training Center’s medical office.

An official from the Ministry of National Defense said on the 19th, “It is true that Lieutenant A left his place of work without permission and visited the training center where Jin is located.”

It is known that Lieutenant A left the words “Jin was very sick” after returning to the unit he was working in.

The 28th Division said, “As a result of conducting an inspection after receiving the case in March, it was confirmed that officer A visited another unit without permission around January.” We will deal with it strictly according to the rules토스카지노.”

However, the 28th Division explained that “as a result of the inspection, it was confirmed that it was not true” regarding the observation that Lieutenant A conspired with the nurse officer of the 5th Division in advance.

A military official said, “Currently, we are conducting a legal investigation after the inspection by the division’s inspection.”

The official continued, “First of all, we are in the stage of investigating the facts,” and explained, “Since there are conflicting parts of the claims of both sides, it is necessary to confirm through a legal investigation.”

He added, “It is not yet the stage to apply the charges.”

On the other hand, Article 79 of the Military Criminal Act stipulates that a person who temporarily leaves a place of work or a designated place without permission for unauthorized departure or fails to reach the designated time and place is punished by imprisonment or imprisonment for not more than one year or a fine of not more than 3 million won. are doing

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