Byun Jun-hyeong recalled the past while watching ‘Jak Jeong-hyeon’ “I can see the old me, all I can say is to cheer up.

“When I look at (Lee) Junghyun, I can see the old me (laughs). All I can say is cheer up.”

Anyang KGC won 82-65 in an away game against Goyang Carrot in the 5th round of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Professional Basketball held 메이저사이트 at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 2nd, achieving its third consecutive win of the season.

The first contributor to Seungri was ‘Super Ace’ Byun Jun-hyung. In 32 minutes and 39 seconds, he showed off an overwhelming performance with 26 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals and 1 block shot.

After the match, Byun Jun-hyung said, “It was a tough match, but it was fortunate that the carrot match seemed to be won comfortably overall. It feels good to prove that we are the number one team.”

KGC has played a close game in every game so far. It is true that there were more victories than losses, but the content of the match did not suit the title of sole leader. But the carrot match was different. Except for a moment of slowdown in the second quarter, they dominated every moment.

Byun Jun-hyung said, “All players actively participated in the overall defense. The crushing defeat in the last 4 rounds was the motivation.”

Concentration was also excellent. Byun Jun-hyeong recorded a 100% field goal success rate (11/11) until the middle of the 4th quarter. He was disappointed with his last two field goal attempts before being replaced, but he played a ‘perfect game’ until then.

Byun Jun-hyung said, “During the broadcast interview, he knew that the Yatoo success rate was 100%. His stamina was low, so his shooting was short. “I wouldn’t shoot,” he laughed.

The performance of the day that KGC showed, especially in the 3rd quarter, was to the point where there was nothing suitable other than overwhelming. After completely blocking Carrot’s proud passing game, he took advantage of most counterattack opportunities and quickly widened the gap. Enough to record a 15-0 score run. KGC, driven madly, ended the third quarter with a score of 70-48. In fact, this is where the game is decided.

Could he be able to exert such concentration because his opponent was Carrot? Regardless of whether it is good or bad, there could be something special about the two teams with many things intertwined around coach Kim Seung-ki Carrot.

Byun Jun-hyung said, “I don’t have a special rivalry with Carrot. I don’t think we’re overwhelmingly stronger than Carrot. I just tried to focus on every game, so good results continued.” Maybe that’s why we’re working hard in every game, but it seems like we’re working harder in the carrot match.”

It is Byun Jun-hyung who said that he was not special, but also celebrated in front of Jeon Seong-hyun after making a successful 3-point shot. He said, “(Former) Seong-hyeon said his brother gave him the shooting distance, so he put it in and held a ceremony. He visited after the game and asked why he gave the shooting distance, and the answer came back, ‘You don’t have shooting’ (laughs).”

On the other hand, Byun Jun-hyung remembers that when coach Kim was holding the baton of KGC, he received all the attention like Lee Jung-hyun now. The situation and atmosphere were the same now and then. Director Kim evaluated Byun Jun-hyung’s growth potential as the best, but he did not spare the whipping either. Byun Jun-hyung looked at Lee Jung-hyun and remembered his past.

Byun Jun-hyung said, “My heart was a little sad (laughs). I saw my old self. The only thing he can say is to cheer up,” he said. “The coach whips me a lot, but he takes good care of me from behind. I think Hyun-Jung should be able to capture that part well. He is still doing well. Today I just did a little better. As he is a good enough player, I look forward to it.”

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