His career batting average is over 30%.

It is classified as C grade, so the burden of compensation is small. It is also equipped with quick feet. However, only cold wind is blowing in the market. Unless it is a sign-and-trade, free agency transfers seem virtually impossible.

This is the story of FA outfielder Lee Myung-ki (35).

Lee Myung-gi is an accurate hitter. He has a career high batting average of 0.307.

He is also quick on his feet. Although he is not very good at stealing bases, he is a player who has the ability to aim for the next base at any time.

However, no club has reached out to Lee Myung-gi yet. What is the reason?

Team A’s power analysis team leader said, “It is true that Lee Myung-gi is a hitter who can expect more than 30%, but his batting ability has been rapidly declining recently. It can be said that the sluggishness this season is also having a big impact. Because he is not young, he can’t help but worry about the aging curve. He said, “In the meantime, he has been consistently hitting well, but the sluggish performance over the past two years is lowering the evaluation of Lee Myung-gi.” Lee Myung-gi is a player with a major weakness in throwing. His throwing accuracy is greatly reduced. Baseball, which goes one base further, is in vogue in the KBO League. An outfielder’s throwing mistake can lead to a big upset. Lee Myung-gi, whose throwing is not accurate, will inevitably lose popularity as an outfielder.”

The issue of reparation is not an issue that can be easily resolved. It should now be considered impossible to correct.

However, it is ambiguous to write Lee Myung-gi as the designated hitter. This is because his power is too low for a designated hitter. Lee Myung-gi’s career slugging percentage is only 0.392. He even dropped significantly to 0.317 this season.

Recently, rather than fixing the designated hitter position, there is a strong perception that it is a position that relieves the physical burden by rotating several players. In many ways, problems can be found in fixing Lee Myung-ki, who has poor slugging power, as the designated hitter.

The perception that it is one of the protagonists of the corona sulpan scandal is also giving a negative effect. Externally, there is a downside that it is difficult to convince fans to sign.

Athletes with problems in their personal lives are bound to be labeled. For Lee Myung-gi, the corona scandal has always been a problem. 메이저놀이터

It is true that one mistake cannot evaluate everything, but images are burdensome. It is becoming a bigger obstacle in recruiting free agents, which requires considerable investment.

Will Lee Myung-gi be able to solve these bad news and succeed in the FA transfer? The original team, NC, was virtually withdrawn from the market, putting it in a more difficult situation.

It remains to be seen whether Lee Myung-gi can revive his last hope of signing and trading.