‘Cambodia deformed body’ female BJ “When I go back to Korea…” I feel sorry for the SNS post

While a famous female BJ with 250,000 SNS followers was found dead in Cambodia, condolences are pouring in saying that the woman suffered a unfortunate incident ahead of her birthday. According to local media on the 10th, on the 6th, the body of a Korean woman was found wrapped in a mat (rug) and abandoned in a manhole (sewer pipe) near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Initially, the woman was known only as an internet broadcaster who was traveling in Cambodia, but local media reported that the victim was Byeon Ah-yeong, a 33-year-old Korean woman. Byun previously worked as ‘BJ Ayoung’ on Afreeca TV and YouTube, and she was a famous BJ and influencer with 160,000 Afreeca TV subscribers and 250,000 Instagram followers . Mr. Byun posted on Instagram in March, ” BJ has been liquidated. I plan to live as a normal person for the time being. I will return to Korea and upload a video with my sincerity on YouTube. ” ceased activity. Afterwards먹튀검증, when the news of Mr. Byeon’s death was reported, her Instagram continued to commemorate her acquaintances and fans. In particular, Mr. Byun added to her regret as it was known that the 11th was her birthday.

An acquaintance said, “Happy birthday Ayoung unnie. This year, I only send messages without an answer. I saw three letters with a name with an unusual last name in an article that I don’t read well, and I clicked on it and thought no way. I don’t know how much I cried last night.” I tried to get it, but I was so sad that I didn’t get it. See only good things there and don’t lose your pretty smile.”

Another acquaintance also lamented, “Ah Young-ah, she left abruptly before her birthday. She should be happy in a good place and not stress anymore.”

Meanwhile, Cambodian police arrested a Chinese couple in their 30s on charges of abandoning Byun’s body at a clinic in Stung, Kandal. It has been confirmed that they are running a local hospital. The couple is said to have stated that Mr. Byun, who visited the hospital, died after having a seizure while receiving treatment.

In addition, our police have requested a thorough investigation to the local investigative authorities. It is said that the autopsy process is currently underway, and through cooperation with the local police, an acquaintance who accompanied Mr. Byun to Cambodia is being investigated.

In addition, it is known that the local police will send the suspects, a Chinese couple, to the Phnom Penh District Court to proceed with the necessary procedures.

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