Chuncheon Mechanical Technical High School · Uijeongbu Song Hyeon High, President’s Back Curling Men’s and Women’s High School Championship

Uijeongbu Songhyeon High School’s A team in the women’s high school division and Chuncheon Mechanical Technical High School’s men’s 토스카지노division won the championship at the 22nd President’s Cup National Curling Competition (elementary, middle, and high school).

Songhyeon High School A in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, with skip Kang Bo-bae as the center, Cho Joo-hee, Kim Na-yeon, and Lee Yoo-seon teamed up, defeated Gyeongbuk Uiseong Girls’ High School 9-1 in the women’s high school finals on the final day of the tournament held at Gangneung Curling Center in Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do on the 12th and defeated Gyeongbuk Uiseong Girls’ High School 9-1. went up

Song Hyeon-go A team beat Song Hyeon-go B (skip Chun Hee-seo) 7-5 in the semifinals and advanced to the final. 

On the other hand, Uiseong Girls’ High School (director Kim Seul-gi, coach Kim Chi-gu, skip Oh Ji-hyeon, third Kim Chae-rin, second Lee Hae-in, lead Lee So-won, 5th Jang Yu-bin), who advanced to the final by defeating Chungbuk Bongmyeong High School A 8-6 in the semifinals, failed to cross the wall and finished runner-up. had to be satisfied

In the final match of the day, Song Hyeon-go’s A team took the lead 2-0 until the second end. Song Hyeon-go A, who gave up 1 point in the 3rd end, added 3 points in the 4th end and took a 5-1 lead.

Songhyeon High School A, who seized the victory, stole 1 point in the 5th end (the leading team scored), increasing the score to 6-1.

In the men’s high school finals, Chuncheon Mechanical Technical High School (director Kim Kwan-woo, coach Yoo Min-hyun, skip Kim Hak-jun, third Park Jin-hwan, second Kim Myeong-jun, lead Park Jong-hyun) and Chungbuk Bongmyeong High School (director Moon Seong-gwan, coach Lee Jae-cheol, skip Moon-hyun, third Lim Byung-hyun, second Yun Ji-hoo, lead Kwon Oh-woo, 5th Oh Seung-jun) was thrilled to win the championship by beating 7-5 after a close match.

Songhyeon High School B (skip Chun Hee-seo) and Bongmyeong High School (skip Shim Yoo-jeong) tied for 3rd place in the women’s division, while Chuncheon Mechanical Technical High School B (skip Woo Song-jun) and Uiseong High School B (skip Lee Woo-jeong) took the joint 3rd place in the men’s division.

On the other hand, Yubong Girls’ High School was eliminated in the semifinals as the coaching staff was replaced due to problems between the parents of the players and the coaching staff just two months after the foundation was established.

Yubong Girls’ High School started to get twisted from the first game. One day before the first match against Song Hyeon-go A, breathing was completely out of sync due to a sudden position change. In the end, they were defeated 2-9 by Song Hyeon-go A, their first opponent. 

In the second game against Sehyeon High School in Seoul, 3 players participated, but Lee Bo-young’s performance led to a 5-3 victory and the first win since the founding.

In Game 3, Yubong Girls’ High School, with skip Kim So-yeon, third Cho Yeon-ji, second Lee Bo-yeong, and lead Kwak Jin-kyung, tied 2-2 to Uiseong Girls’ High School by the end of the 5th, allowing 5 points due to a mistake by the third and skip in the 6th end, and lost 7-5. Failed to advance to the quarterfinals. 

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