Coach Stellini acknowledges Conte’s passion for leaving the team: “I call every day”

Coach Christian Stellini acknowledged Antonio Conte’s passion, saying that he called him every day even after he left the team. 

Tottenham said on the official website on the 16th (Korean time), “Coach Conte is heading home to Italy to fully recover from the aftereffects of cholecystitis surgery. 스포츠토토He is leaving Tottenham for a while.” 

Conte returned to the team after undergoing surgery to remove the gallbladder and managed the Premier League match against Leicester City and the UEFA Champions League round of 16 against AC Milan, but revealed that he was not in 100% condition and eventually went to Italy for additional rest. decided to stay at 

“Health is the most important consideration, so everyone at the club wishes him well. Coach Christian Stellini will take over first-team duties,” Spurs said, referring to Conte’s recovery and future first-team coach. . 

Coach Stellini, who led the team in place of Conte, who left the team against Man City last time, will take over the team until Conte returns from a break in Italy. 

Coach Stellini mentioned a recent episode of Conte’s affection and passion for Tottenham in an interview ahead of the match against West Ham, his first match after his break. 

British public broadcaster BBC reported an interview with director Stellini on the 17th and said, “Stellini calls Conte every day.”

In a reported interview, Stellini commented on Conte’s condition: “I don’t know when Conte will be back. This is more important than football and is why the decision was made by the club, Conte and the doctors. He would have underestimated the surgery too much,” he said, adding that the timing of Conte’s return is unclear. 

He continued, “Working without conte is strange. What we are learning now is that Conte has been in charge. He made the decision himself. Now we have to decide,” he said, adding the difficulty of having to make decisions on our own without Conte. 

Stellini also said that Conte calls every day. “He wants to come back. Conte says this every day, even as he recovers from gallbladder surgery. How was your training? The team needs to be organized, what do you think? He really wants to come back. It always shows in his sentences,” he said, emphasizing that Conte pays attention to the team by phone every day and is eager to return to the team. 

Italian media have reported that Conte is staying in Italy and does not want to return to Tottenham. 

Despite Conte’s departure for the time being, a quick rebound is essential for Tottenham’s performance in the second half, and Conte’s continued passion for phone calls leads to an improvement in the players’ performance. Attention is focusing on whether it can be decorated with victory. 

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