‘Coin Controversy’ Kim Nam-guk captures a highway rest area… “Where are you going on May 18th?”

On the 18th, it was claimed that Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who had left the Democratic Party due to controversy over trading and holding a large amount of coins (virtual assets), was captured at a rest area on a highway.

On the 18th, Congressman Kim Nam-guk appeared at the Gapyeong Rest Area on the highway. [Image source = Attorney Bae Seung-hee’s Facebook capture]카지노사이트

Attorney Bae Seung-hee said in a post on his Facebook page that day, “This is… Kim Nam-guk, right? You saw it at the Gapyeong Rest Area and sent it to me.” In a picture of her released by her attorney Bae, Rep. Kim is talking with a person believed to be her aide standing in the trunk of a car parked at a highway rest area. In the photo, Rep. Kim is dressed informally, wearing a beige jumper with a hat and sneakers. Attorney Bae sarcastically added, “Where are you going on May 18th? And you look good?”

On this day, many of the Democratic Party and Justice Party lawmakers, as well as the power of the people, attended a number of commemorative ceremonies for the 5/18 Democratization Movement held in Gwangju. However, judging from the way Congressman Kim was dressed, it is presumed that he was not on his way to attend an official event.

The day before, the Democratic Party filed a complaint against Rep. Kim to the Special Committee on Ethics at the National Assembly under the direction of Representative Lee Jae-myung. Previously, Congressman Kim requested a fact-finding on the 10th, and the party that accepted it formed a fact-finding team and requested detailed data from Congressman Kim on the 11th. However, Rep. Kim eventually withdrew from the party without submitting his documents.

On the 16th, spokesman Kim Han-gyu, who participated in the fact-finding team, said, “I had requested detailed data before leaving the party, but I have not received (data) yet.” couldn’t,” he said. Rep. Kim is said to have expressed his position, “I can’t help but think about the issue of the right to defend against seizure and search.”

In addition, Congressman Kim was advised to sell virtual currency before leaving the party and said that he would faithfully implement it, but it is known that even this was difficult. Deputy Secretary General Kim Byung-gi, head of the fact-finding team, only replied, “I have not confirmed” to whether or not Congressman Kim expressed his intention to sell all of his coins.

As Rep. Kim filed a complaint with the Special Committee on Ethics of the National Assembly, the activities of the fact-finding team and the Ethics Inspection Team, which investigated the suspicion of Rep. Kim, were suspended.

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