CPBL Morimando, elbow surgery…’zero’ possibility of returning to KBO

The possibility of returning to the KBO League for left-handed pitcher Sean Morimando (31, Chongshin Brothers) has disappeared토토사이트.

CPBL STATS, which delivers Taiwanese baseball news, said on the 20th that ‘Mori Mando is scheduled to undergo elbow surgery, which means the end of the season’, and ‘his contract has been extended until next season’. It is known that the Chongxin Brothers club is promoting the recruitment of a right-handed pitcher from another league as a card to fill the vacancy of Morimando.

Morimando is a name familiar to domestic baseball fans. He was recruited as a substitute for SSG Landers in 2022 and he went 7-1 with an earned run average of 1.67 (75 and 1/3 innings pitched). He showed a short and strong impact, such as starting as a starting pitcher in Game 4 of the Korean Series, but after the season, he failed to renew his contract and returned to the CPBL.

Morimando has been active in CPBL since 2021. Before signing with SSG last year, his performance was 7-5, with an ERA of 2.56. This season, he appeared in 1 game before being injured and recorded 2 hits and no runs in 6 innings. Coincidentally, as SSG was looking for a replacement for the injured new foreign pitcher, Enni Romero, speculations that ‘Isn’t it recruiting Morimando as a substitute’ came out. However, with the news of this elbow surgery, that possibility has been reduced to zero.

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