Daol Investment & Securities’ 2nd largest shareholder ‘Super Ant’ buys 2.8% more shares

About 11 percentage points difference in shareholding with Lee Byung-chul, chairman of Daol Financial Group

After the Societe Generale (SG) securities crash, ‘Super Ant,’ which bought a large number of Daol Investment & Securities shares and became the second-largest shareholder, acquired an additional 2.84% stake.

Provided by Daol Investment & Securities

According to the Financial Supervisory Service’s electronic disclosure system on the 23rd, Kim Ki-soo (65) disclosed that he held 8.73 million shares of Daol Investment & Securities as of the previous day, along with Choi Sun-ja (65) and special parties such as corporate net assets. The acquisition amount is about 1 billion won for Kim, 4.3 billion won for Choi, and 2 billion won for net assets스포츠토토.

With the acquisition of 2.84% more shares, their stake increased to 14.34% from 11.50%. The gap between the largest shareholder, Lee Byung-chul (54), chairman of Daol Financial Group, and related parties (25.26%) has narrowed to about 11 percentage points.

Mr. Kim became the second-largest shareholder after disclosing that he held 6.97 million 949 shares (11.50%) of Daol Investment & Securities as of Aug. 8. Mr. Kim and others purchased the shares on the market from the 9th to the 22nd of this month, and explained the reason for the change in shareholding as ‘simple acquisition’. The purpose of the holding is also the same as the last disclosure, ‘general investment purpose’.

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