Debut first 2nd team camp’ Professional 12th year resolution… “I have to do well in baseball, just thinking about it

“Now I thought I should play baseball better. That’s the only thought.”

Veteran infielder Shin Bong-ki ( 메이저사이트 who joined the 2nd team camp for the first time since his debut at the age of 34 in his 12th year as a pro, expressed his strong determination for this season.

It was a particularly cold winter for the off-season Shinbongi. It was difficult to sign an FA (free agent) contract with the original team kt. In early January, I was able to continue my life at kt by stamping for a total of 300 million won for 1+1 years, but the ordeal continued. He failed to join the first-team spring camp, so he remained in Korea (Iksan, Jeollabuk-do) with rookie-level players and began to quench. It is a situation that can be somewhat disappointing for a veteran who is celebrating his 12th year of debut.

Shin Bong-gi said, “The Futures League spring camp is the first thing I’ve ever done while playing baseball. There are some difficult parts. Me and (Moon) Sang-cheol and (Kim) Byeong-hee are doing it at their own pace. The schedule is tight, and there is no time to rest in the middle. “That seemed difficult for the younger players.”

“I thought the atmosphere in the Futures League would deteriorate, but there is an atmosphere to work harder. added.

Shin Bong-gi also expressed his thoughts on his free agent contract. Looking back at the market evaluation, which had been sober, it served as an opportunity to regroup.

Shin Bong-gi said, “I don’t have a multi-year contract. I was evaluated by the market to some extent, but it wasn’t good. If it wasn’t for kt, I wouldn’t be able to continue playing baseball. Now I think I need to play baseball better. That’s the only thought.” .

I also dream of a rebound. Looking back on last year, he clearly pointed out what needs to be improved in the upcoming season. “After joining, I don’t think I’ve ever been as bad as last year except when I was a rookie. I think I couldn’t play many games because I was bad in offense, so I’m paying a lot of attention,” he said. This year, I think a little more about my strengths, and I am practicing a lot.”

Finally, “It is advantageous to have a lot of appearances for the contract option. You have to play as many times as possible, so you have to do well first. I can’t set a numerical goal because I’m not a sure starter, but a player like me needs to support me well for the team to achieve good results.” . You have to do well unconditionally,” he said with strength.

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