Do you want to take a big bite… ‘Bellingham class’ transfer fee wanted

West Ham United set a high transfer fee for Declan Rice.

Rice is likely to leave West Ham this summer바카라사이트. Although he is the captain of West Ham, his own ambitions are high and he is interested in many big clubs. Rice has consistently said that he wants to play for a top club and step on the stage of the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Currently, his team, West Ham, is competing for relegation in 15th place in the league, so it seems difficult to listen to Rice’s wishes. Accordingly, it is expected that Rice will choose a transfer.

Currently, Rice is strongly linked to Arsenal. Arsenal have taken a different course from the past few seasons as they battle Manchester City for the English Premier League (EPL) title this season. As well as participating in the UCL next season, the next season is more anticipated, so it is an option that Rice can consider positively enough.

West Ham know they can’t hold on to Rice any longer. Instead, I plan to leave at least a transfer fee to the team when I sell Rice. However, the transfer fee West Ham wants is quite high. West Ham are said to want to sell Rice for a price comparable to that of Jude Bellingham.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said, “West Ham decided to set the highest possible price when selling Rice this summer. They will sell Rice and receive a transfer fee similar to Bellingham. Currently, Bellingham is interested in Real Madrid. “I am receiving a transfer fee of up to 130 million pounds (approximately 217.4 billion) is being discussed. If Bellingham’s transfer fee is that much, West Ham will also demand a similar level for Rice’s transfer fee.”

It is true that it looks like West Ham’s greed. In the recent transfer market, the transfer fee of a player is set considering the player’s current performance as well as his potential for growth. Bellingham, who is still an outstanding player in this area and has infinite growth potential, boasts a considerable ransom. On the other hand, Rice is currently an EPL top midfielder, but since he was born in 1999, his growth potential is low compared to Bellingham. This is why West Ham’s desire seems like excessive greed.

Meanwhile, ‘Telegraph’ added that West Ham are considering James Ward-Prowse as a replacement if Rice leaves the team.

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