“Doosan is the beginning and the end” Yang Eui-ji, the homemaker who returned..’A word as heavy as the first home run!’

“Honestly, I was surprised and embarrassed.” As Yang Eui-ji, Doosan’s hostess, hit her first home run of the season wearing a Bears uniform and entered the dugout, her teammates silently looked at the distant mountains. Hanwha

Eagles On the 20th, Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park, where the Doosan Bears played, Yang Eui-ji, who returned to his former team Doosan after five years ahead of this season, started as the designated hitter

No. Batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage were all at 40%, and OPS combined with on-base percentage and slugging카지노percentage was in the 80% range, continuing a good hitting feeling at the beginning of the season. He is a near-perfect catcher who was born in 1987. He is now in his mid-30s, but Yang Eui-

ji’s skills are getting closer and closer as the season goes on.

Kim Min-woo’s 4th pitched 133km forkball, which fell well, was lightly kicked up in front. The ball, which did not seem to have been hit hard, flew over the left fence the moment it was stamped in the center of the bat. Wearing the uniform of the Doosan Bears, the home team that returned after 5 years, reported the first home run. Yang Eui-ji Han shared a high five with Yang Chan-yeol, a runner who was waiting for him at home, and Heo Gyeong-min, a standby at-bat.,

Director Lee Seung-yeop spread a finger toward Yang Eui-ji in front of the dugout and smiled broadly.,Yang Eui-ji looked like an autumn baseball stage. They cheered and raised their arms as if they had hit a home run.

Yang Eui-ji, who entered the dugout with a bright smile, thinking that everyone would welcome her, was embarrassed by the unexpected situation. There is a baseball culture that welcomes a rookie with an indifferent ceremony when he hits his first professional home run. The moment Yang Eui-ji, a veteran who hit 228 home runs in his career, hit his first home run after returning to his home team, the Doosan juniors looked at the distant mountain without welcoming the home run hitter as if they had made it in advance.

Embarrassing Yang Eui-ji smiled broadly once again as he received fierce congratulations from his colleagues only after performing the ceremony alone until the end of the dugout.

In an interview with Suhun after the game, Yang Eui-ji left the stadium with a heavy comment, saying, “Doosan is the beginning and the end for me.”

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