Dreams Come True! Oreol dreaming of beginning and ending at Hyundai Capital

Hyundai Capital fans will never forget the 2015-2016 season. 안전놀이터Hyundai Capital’s ‘up tempo volleyball’ was the most splendid season. In the season when coach Choi Tae-woong first took the helm, Hyundai Capital players were equipped with speed and played creatively on the court. Thanks to this, a record of 18 consecutive wins was created. It was the best season for Hyundai Capital fans. Most of the players who wrote the legend of 18 consecutive wins at the time are still on the court. Now he leads the team as a veteran. Foreign player Oreol Camejo, who held the center of the team during 18 consecutive victories, also returned to Hyundai Capital after 7 seasons. Is it because of his joining? After the difficult two years of rebuilding, Hyundai Capital is competing hard for the lead. This man who is serious about volleyball. <The Spike> met to find out everything about Oreol.

This is the first interview with <The Spike>. Do you know <The Spike>?
There is a place where newspapers and magazines are placed in the accommodation (Castle of Skywalkers). I read a magazine.

This is the first foreign player in ‘Fact Check’. Do you know about the ‘Fact Check’ corner?
I don’t know much about Connor (laughs). Still, the words of being the first foreign player come to mind. Thank you for inviting me for the first time.

Do you often search for yourself on portal sites?
I did a lot when I was younger. I rarely search for it now. (Is there a reason?) There is no particular reason (laughs). It just naturally reduced the number of searches.

Do you have any memorable articles or videos?
It’s hard to talk about just one. I remember the article that came out when I acquired Russian citizenship. It was a nationality acquisition to participate in the Olympics, but it was the most impressive because I interviewed with my family.

#The first experience of the V-League was not beautiful

During the 2012-2013 season, he first stepped into the V-League with ‘Cameho’ rather than ‘Oreol’. He had high expectations from him, who had experience as both a setter and a striker. However, settling down was not easy. At the time, LIG ​​Insurance, which was operated by two setters, Kim Young-rae and Lee Hyo-dong, did not show the collaboration with Kameho as much as expected. He left Korea early after recording an attack success rate of 50.21%, 5th in scoring and 3rd in blocking.

LIG Insurance was the first V-League, so I think it was a bit disappointing.
It was the worst season of my volleyball career. There were a lot of unprofessional appearances not from the players, but from the team officials at the time and outside the team. And there were a lot of things that didn’t make sense, such as the training system and methods. It was the most difficult time in my life.

At the time he was playing for LIG Insurance, Leo (now OK Financial Group) was active at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. It must have been a new feeling to meet a player of the same Cuban nationality in an unfamiliar land called Korea.
Very good. Leo is a really good and good player. It’s interesting because he has a good match with a fellow Cuban player. Since Leo shows such good skills, he is a good stimulus to me as well. I think it’s good overall.

#The protagonist of 18 consecutive wins in the league “I was ecstatic”

Even though it was a regrettable V-League, he chose to go to Korea again three years later. This time it was Hyundai Capital. He created a myth with a young manager in a new team. He won 18 consecutive league victories by forming a diagonal with Moon Seong-min. Unlike other foreign players who are mainly in charge of apojit, he proved that he is the most suitable player for ‘speed volleyball’ by stably performing both receiving and attacking. The 59.45% attack success rate and 44.77% receiving efficiency recorded that season back this up. Although he failed to win the championship match, his second V-League experience, which left only happy memories, made him dream of returning to Korea.

How he continued his career after the 2015-2016 season V-League.
At that time, I personally had a good experience after the season. Experienced in several overseas leagues such as Chinese, Qatar, and Russian leagues. Especially when he was in Russia his youngest daughter was born. So, it was an unforgettable season. I also played champion in the Turkiye League. I would like to say that I had a valuable time after the V-League.

What was the special reason you wanted to come back to Korea, the V-League?
I had such a good time during the 2015-2016 season. At that time, everything from the friendship with the players to the team performance was ecstatic. Coach Tae-Woong Choi and the style of the team at the time suited me well. I was like a brother to the interpreter Lucas. Looking back, it was full of good memories and full of affection for the team. So I often vaguely asked his family, “Can I go back to Korea?” (Laughs). I worked hard because God led me through all of this.

In the 2015-2016 season, Hyundai Capital won 18 consecutive wins. Do you remember the record at the time?
Of course I remember. 18 consecutive wins and my record are all good memories. I had so much fun playing volleyball at the time. I didn’t think about anything else and just focused on volleyball. It seems that winning the league and the fun memories grew my affection for the team.

That season, I also received the Best 7 award in the V-League men’s left division.
I remember. Best 7. It was an amazing award just for words. (Are you greedy for the best 7 this season?) I don’t care or aim for it. My current goal is to help the team. My focus is only on helping this team achieve the title they are trying to achieve. 

#Reunion with the V-League he dreamed of Playing in various leagues such as China, Turkey, and Russia, he accumulated experience step by step. And in the 2022 V-League foreign player tryout, he was nominated by Hyundai Capital in second place. The moment he had dreamed of had finally become a reality. Hyundai Capital is currently running second in the league along with Oreol. Do you remember the situation when you were nominated for a foreign player tryout for the 2022-2023 season? It felt great. Being back in the V-League and the fact that the nominated team is Hyundai Capital made me feel better. It was the day one of my dreams came true (laughs). I wonder what kind of words they exchanged with director Choi Tae-woong when they met again.

The director said, “Let’s save our memories.” We kept in touch for 6-7 years through Lucas’s interpreter, but we talked a lot that we couldn’t. I heard that the team also had good times, but also difficult times. I said that we should do our best regardless of the past grades.

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