Dutch football club Alkmaar apologizes to fan who attacked opponent’s family

Dutch professional football AZ Alkmaar apologized for the atrocities committed by home fans who were enraged by the defeat and attacked the families of opposing team players.

The Alkmaar club issued a statement on the 19th (local time) and said, “Fans who commit the behavior in question do not deserve to be called ‘supporters’.” We sincerely apologize to Ham (England) and the good home fans for any inconvenience.”

The previous day, Alkmaar lost to West Ham 0-1 in the second leg of the UEFA Euro Conference League (UECL) semi-final held at the AFAS Stadium in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

After losing 1-3 on aggregate in the first and second games, Alkmaar failed to advance to the final.

Then, home fans wearing masks and hooded hats ran to the stands where the families of the West Ham players were located and verbally abused them.

Alkmaar fans burst into flames
[AFP = Yonhap News]

As a result, a scuffle between Alkmaar fans and players broke out as West Ham players ran into the stands.

In the crowd was the 87-year-old 토토사이트father of West Ham manager David Moyce. A child is also said to have been at the scene.

The chaotic situation, which seldom ended despite the intervention of the stadium security staff, was cleared up only after the police arrived on the scene.

Police arrived 10 minutes after the riot, the BBC reported, citing the victim’s words at the scene.

UEFA will review the match report and take appropriate action against Alkmaar.

“We are a civilized club that values ​​sportsmanship, norms and values,” said Alkmaar.

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