Eom Hyung-chan, the first Korean to become a ‘major league catcher’

 I was watching sports news in the morning, and I saw an article about catcher Eom Hyung-chan in the ‘Overseas Baseball’ column. It was so nice to see it, so I clicked and watched it, and a video of Hyungchan Um active in spring camp was uploaded.

If it’s long, if it’s long, if it’s short, I thought a lot while watching a short 15-minute video. Looking at the proud Eom Hyeong-chan, a lot of thoughts suddenly overlapped and memories of the past came to mind.

The first thought that came to my mind was when I got out of Samsung and went to the US alone with the help of my friend Andy in the US. It was a real adventure to go in to learn advanced baseball at the age of 41 without any preparation. It was a reckless and stupid action, but I remember thinking about the distant future and renewing my mind.

During the last 10 years of his American life, there were many difficulties and adversities from the minor leagues to the major leagues. Still, these are the most rewarding and happiest moments of my life.

At this time, what thrilled my heart the most was starting a new life as a leader, not a player. I learned things one by one that I hadn’t experienced before먹튀검증. Nothing excites me and makes me happy like learning. Since I was just starting out as a leader, I drew my thoughts one by one on a white sheet of paper.

Same. Eom Hyeong-chan, who is starting out for the first time in the United States, just needs to create one by one the ideas he has dreamed of since childhood. While listening to Hyungchan Um’s interview, the story I heard the most was a positive mindset.

If you do it one by one with excitement while looking at the unknown world rather than fear, you will soon see Um Hyung-chan proudly playing as the starting catcher on the major league ground he dreamed of.

In the interview with Eom Hyeong-chan, who was selected as the winner of the 6th Lee Man-soo Catcher Award last year, the part that was emphasized a lot was framing. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds to be able to stably hold and frame the tricky and sharp balls of excellent pitchers that have not been seen in Korea.

However, what I felt while watching that short video is that Hyungchan Um is now stable and comfortably catches minor league pitchers’ balls or major league pitchers’ balls.

There is something I asked Hyungchan Um last time. First, you need to identify and record all the strengths and weaknesses of the pitchers on your team. When you practice, if you focus on the pitcher’s ball rather than just receiving the ball from the bullpen, you will be able to figure out which ball is being thrown in which form.

The catcher isn’t just a ball catcher. You need to have eyes that can see more comprehensively from various directions. To do that, you have to study. Studying is what you do until baseball is over. still young There are many things to make. It’s time to practice and work hard.

Most of all, I want to ask you to learn aggressive ball combinations in the major leagues, the home of baseball. I sincerely hope that he becomes a catcher who leads a more powerful and speedy game with an aggressive ball combination that identifies the pitcher’s strengths rather than running away or fighting.

I’ve been a pro for a long time, but you have to keep in mind that not all players become first-class just because they entered the pro from Ama.

Right now, you have to compete with many competitors in Kansas City. Even now, everything will still be unfamiliar and difficult. Instead, I urge you to keep in mind that the reward and reward are as great as the hard work.

You may think that baseball is a fight with an opponent. In the end, it’s a fight with yourself. Let’s do our best so that the name Hyungchan Um will be widely known in the major leagues in a few years!

Since Uhm Hyeong-chan is a player who studies and works hard, I believe he will do well the things I have asked him to do. And if he becomes a great player as a baseball player, I am sure he will become a great player who sets an example for others.

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