‘Even in the middle and late half of the 3rd set’ Korea and Japan lose 0:3 and lose VNL 6 times in a row… Failed to win a set

The Korean women’s volleyball team was completely defeated by Japan and recorded 6 consecutive losses without winning a set in the 2023 VNL. Among the 16 participating countries, it was not able to get out of last place.

The Korean women’s volleyball team (ranked 27th in the world), led by coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez, held the second round of the 2nd week of the 2023 FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) VNL (Volleyball Nations League) held at the Niusonneusong Gymnasium in Brasilia, Brazil on the 16th (hereinafter Korean time). In the match, they lost to Japan (7th in the world) with a set score of 0-3 (18-25, 13-25, 19-25). With this loss, Korea recorded 6 consecutive losses, while Japan recorded 4 wins and 2 losses.

In Korea, Moon Ji-yoon scored 8 points, Jeong Ji-yoon 6 points, Kim Da-eun 4 points, and Lee Da-hyun and Jeong Ho-yeong each 3 points. The attack score was greatly pushed to 25-44, and the serve score was also 2-6 inferior. The blocking score was slightly inferior to 6-7. In Japan, Inoue scored 11 points, Ishikawa and Yamada each scored 11 points, and Hayashi scored 10 points.

Korea’s starting pitchers were Kim Da-eun (4) as an apposite spike, Kang So-hui (2) and Park Jeong-ah (5) as outside hitters, Jung Ho-yeong (3) and Joo-ah Lee (6) as middle blockers, Kim Ji-won (1) as a setter, and Moon Jung-won as a libero. Kim Da-eun and Kim Ji-won, who showed a good move the day before, started for two days in a row.

In Japan, opponent striker Hayashi (4), outside hitters Ishikawa (2) and Inoue (5), middle blockers Araki (3) and Yamada (6), setter Seki (1), and libero Meguro stepped onto the court first.

1 setWith the start, Korea succeeded in taking the lead due to the opponent’s mistake. The lead continued to 4-3 thanks to Lee Joo-ah’s attack score and the opponent’s serve error.

After that, Japan took the lead with 6 points in a row. Kang So-hui’s two attacks were out, and Inoue hit the serve toward Park Jung-ah and recorded consecutive serve aces.

Korea used setter Yum Hye-seon and apogee spiker Jung Ji-yoon to change the atmosphere and increase the number of strikers at the same time. Afterwards, Kang So-hui’s left goal seemed to lead to a 5-9 chase, but the gap was not easily narrowed. Kang So-hui’s left-handed hit was out, and the score widened to 6-12.

The 6-point gap seemed to shrink briefly먹튀검증 in the middle of the set. Park Jung-ah’s serve ace and opponent Yamada’s offense made it 13-17. Afterwards, Japan increased the gap to 6 points again with Ishikawa and Yamada scoring to make it 19-13.

After Kang So-hui’s offensive goal, Korea re-chased 15-20 with Jung Ho-young’s blocking goal. Moon Jeong-won’s receive crossed the net and led to a goal, and Park Jung-ah’s attack from the left made a deep angle, leading to a 5-point gap at 17-22, but Pyo Seung-joo, who was put in as a substitute, put a brake on the pursuit.

Korea continued to exert its strength to 18-23 with Kim Da-eun’s right-handed blow, but Japan won the set. After Wada’s attack goal, Inoue’s finishing goal ended the first set. The score was 25-18.

2 sets . Korea started with a 1-3 lead as Kim Ji-won’s first serve was out and Kim Da-eun’s attack was blocked. While Japan scored with Hayashi’s quick attack, South Korea’s Kim Da-eun’s attack was blocked by Yamada and Park’s attack was out. The gap widened to 2-6.

Korea scored a feint by Kim Da-eun after the operation time, but was unable to use Inoue’s diagonal attack. To make matters worse, Park Jung-ah’s left blow was deflected into the net and then out, leading to a score of 3-8.

In the rally afterwards, Lee Joo-ah’s quick attack came out, but Japan scored with Ishikawa’s counterattack after Inoue’s dig. With Inoue’s serve and Ishikawa’s attack, the score quickly became 3-11.

South Korea managed to escape from the 3-point lead with Jeong Ji-yoon’s center back goal. The chase continued to 7-13 with Jeong Ji-yoon’s strong hit and blocking score. However, after that, Moon Jeong-won’s crime came out. Jeong Ho-young also made a net touch mistake. The score was 8-16. Pyo Seung-ju’s attack also failed to break through the opponent’s blocking wall.

Pyo Seung-ju tried to attack again and scored, but the gap remained. Japan rose to the 20-point high with Ishikawa scoring following Tanaka. When Japan scored 2 points, Korea followed up with 1 point.

In the end, Japan won the second set easily. In Korea, Park Eun-jin’s net touch and Jung Ji-yoon’s offense came out. Moon Ji-yoon’s attack score was a consolation point, but that was it. Japan touched the set point with Ishikawa’s left goal, and the set was finished with Moon Ji-yoon’s offense. The scoreboard indicated 25-13.

The third set did not start right away. It was delayed because the coat was wet. Shortly after the game started, Korea succeeded in taking the lead with Chung Ho-young’s blocking goal. Jeong Ji-yoon’s touchout score and Lee Da-hyeon’s fast attack continued Korea’s 4-3 lead. Lee Da-hyun blocked Ishikawa’s left attack. Moon Ji-yoon scored with her wrist, and Kim Ji-won’s serve led to a goal. Korea continued to lead 7-5.

Japan caught up with Inoue’s back goal. In Korea, Moon Ji-yoon tried a set play, but Araki got caught on the wall. The score was 7-7.

South Korea regained an 8-7 lead with Mun Ji-yoon’s strong hit. Japan responded 8-8 with a strong hit by Ishikawa. After that, Ishikawa’s consecutive serve scores came out, and Japan took the initiative. In Korea, Moon Ji-yoon tried to attack, but Araki blocked it.

Afterwards, Korea went on a 10-11 chase with Jeong Ji-yoon’s touch-out score and Lee Da-hyun’s blocking goal. However, Japan escaped with Inoue’s goal from the left.

Korea began to press the two points with Moon Ji-yoon’s strong hit. Jung Ji-yoon flew up from the back and scored, signaling the 13-14 chase situation. Pyo Seung-ju added strength with a touch-out score. However, Japan took a two-point lead with substitute Koga scoring.

In a close match in the middle of the set, Korea advanced to 16-17 with Mun Ji-yoon’s strong blow. However, it was regrettable that consecutive goals were lost at important points after that. Here, due to Jung Ji-yoon’s offense, the score widened to 17-20. Japan ended up winning the game with Wada’s two attack goals followed by a serve score.

Korea, which has lost six straight matches after failing to win a set, will play against Croatia at 5:30 am on the 17th.

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