Expansion of value technology alliance in the era of Ki Kyunghak

We have reached an era in which the possession of advanced technology has a key impact on national security and alliances beyond market competition and trade. The era of technoeconomics , in which economic security becomes national security먹튀검증, has arrived. Semiconductors are an example. Semiconductors are acting as a mechanism to reorganize the global supply chain while serving as an important lever of relations between countries. This is why the United States wages a semiconductor war against China. Furthermore, the United States, along with allies such as South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, is trying to completely reorganize the semiconductor supply chain.

China cannot sit still and win. The Xi Jinping regime is taking a quick step toward ‘departing from the United States’ in semiconductors. They are busy building semiconductor supply chains by pouring astronomical amounts of money into them. Taiwan is filling the gap left by Chinese semiconductors. Taiwan’s TSMC has emerged as the biggest beneficiary of the US-China conflict.

The book deals with technological hegemony that is changing the world order in the age of geography. It looks at areas such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence, quantum information technology, space, cyber warfare, and finance. The author argues that as the US-China strategic competition expands in all directions, the ‘Anmi-kyungjung’ (安美經中) frame taken by Korea has lost its effectiveness. As the global macroeconomic structure has changed, our survival strategy of ‘security is America, economy is China’, which has continued for the past 30 years, has now come to an end.

Therefore, in the era of technological democracy versus technological dictatorship, the argument is made that countries that share values ​​must cooperate and share their roles for the sake of international order. It insists that we need to play a leading role while participating in the global supply chain of the United States, Japan, and the European Union. The book tells us what choices Korea should make in the future, which is in the middle of the era of technological alliance and technological hegemony. How to turn a crisis into an opportunity is contained in the book.

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