‘FIFA Online 4’, the first gold hunt for ‘esports’

In e-sports, which has entered the Asian Games as an official event for the first time in history, the sport expected to give Korea its first gold medal is ‘EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 4’ (hereinafter referred to as FIFA Online 4).

There are a total of 7 e-sports events taking place at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Among these, Korea will participate in four sports, including ‘FIFA Online 4’, ‘League of Legends’ (LoL), ‘Battleground Mobile’, and ‘Street Fighter V’.

FIFA Online 4 is an authentic online soccer game. It reflects the actual soccer game rules and victory conditions.

The player who scores more points in regular time in the first and second halves wins. If the score is tied, two additional periods of time will be granted, and if the game is still not decided, a penalty kick will be taken.

Players form teams with a total of 11 players based on a certain salary. In this competition, an updated patch was applied on the 31st of last month, allowing players to be purchased with a total salary of ‘250’.

Players can bring in legendary players such as Pele, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, and Thierry Henry according to a set salary. Players have different abilities such as speed, acceleration, physical strength, and stamina.

The FIFA Online 4 national team included Kwak Jun-hyuk (KT Rolster, 23) and Park Ki-young (Ultra Sejong, 17). They are all players known for their aggressive play style. As this competition is being held as an individual competition, a family fight for the gold medal is expected.

Kwak Jun-hyuk, who showed outstanding skills in team and individual competitions, is one of the strong candidates for the gold medal. He won the EA Champions Cup, an international competition, twice, and swept the team and individual competitions in Season 2 of the eK League Championship, a domestic competition.메이저놀이터

Park Ki-young also needs to pay attention. Although he failed at the national team selection event held last year, he grabbed the opportunity to participate in additional selection competitions this year.

The competition for the national team, which is a contender for the championship, is Thailand and China. In the past, we have always fought with Korea for the championship in international competitions.

China values ​​market share. Thailand enjoys aggressive play like Korea.

The national team’s winning strategy is ‘counterattack strategy’. We are determined not to fall behind China in terms of market share. We plan to play more aggressively when playing against Thailand.

FIFA Online 4 will hold its first qualifier on the 24th. Afterwards, the quarterfinals and semifinals will be held on the 25th, and the medal color will be decided on the 27th.

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