‘First bullpen pitching after entering Korea’ KT Cuevas “Two goals, health and winning the Korean Series”

William Cuevas (33), who returned to KT in the KBO league메이저사이트 after a year or so, expressed his joy for the Korean land he had stepped on again, his teammates he met again, and his confidence in his future performance.

Cuevas, who entered Korea on the 12th, had his first bullpen pitching ahead of the match against SSG in the 2023 KBO League held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 15th. He threw a total of 32 pitches, checking his four-seam fastball, two-seam, cutter, curveball, and changeup. Cuevas is scheduled to play his KBO League comeback in the Suwon home game against Samsung on the 17th.

KT coach Kang-cheol Lee, who had a dugout interview with reporters after watching Cuevas’ bullpen pitching, said, “The ball is good. It’s the same as before,” he said with a satisfied expression. “I had a little talk with Cuevas, but Cuevas told me not to worry about him. He will do well, he said confidently. I expect him to lead the young pitchers well.”

After finishing bullpen pitching, Cuevas, who met with reporters, expressed his friendliness by saying “Hello” in fluent Korean. When asked about his impressions of returning to Korea, Cuevas said, “I came back after a year, and it feels like I never left Korea. be used to. I am ready to play,” he said.

Cuevas had to take seven flights in six days before entering South Korea on the 12th. It is because he played for the Dodgers-affiliated Triple-A team before joining KT and had to go on a forced march while playing away games. When asked if his physical condition deteriorated as a result, Cuevas said, “I rested well after coming to Korea. My body condition is perfect except for being sleepy because the jet lag has not yet been fully adjusted.”

Cuevas cited teammates as the first reason he returned to Korea. He said, “I had the greatest desire to meet again with the teammates who jointly won the regular league and Korean Series in 2021.” I think it was possible,” he said. He added, “I couldn’t watch all the KT games because of the time difference while playing in the Mexican league last year and the minor league this season, but I watched the game video through YouTube and Instagram.”

Cuevas’ goals were clear with just two. Health and KT’s Korean Series victory. When Cuevas used the word “Championship” as his goal, the interpreter translated it as “fall baseball.” In response, the reporters asked back if it was the Korean Series victory, not the fall baseball, and when the interpreter conveyed this to Cuevas, he clearly said “Korean series”.

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