Kim Jun-ho, who had a good start, maintained his speed until the end. Kim Jun-ho, who started

in the group 8 in-course, had a good start. He passed his first 100m straight in 9.46 seconds. It was the second-fastest time among the runners on the day. After passing his first corner, Kim Jun-ho’s momentary top speed, which accelerated, reached 60 km / h.

Kim Jun-ho, who did not lose his concentration even after turning the last corner, crossed the finish line leisurely, passing Merain Schefferkamp (Netherlands), who started in the same group. Kim Jun-ho, who confirmed his record on his electronic display board, cheered with his arms raised.

While in first place, Kim Jun-ho watched the races of the 9th and 10th groups, and after the first place was confirmed, the players around him applauded Kim Jun-ho. The color was decided every month with a difference of only 0.01 second from second place Jordan Stolz (USA).

Previously, Kim Jun-ho won bronze medals in the 1st and 3rd World Cup competitions this season, and this time he took 1st place and added 60 World Cup points. Currently, with 184 points, he is closely following Laurent Dubreuy (Canada, 222 points) and Murakami Yuma (Japan, 186 points).

Kim Chul-min (30, Sports Toto), who competed in the 500m Division A with Kim Jun-ho, ranked 7th with a time of 34.32 seconds, and Cha Min-gyu (29, Seoul General) ranked 16th with 34.60 seconds. Although he did not win a medal, Chul-Min Kim also broke his personal record.

Kim Min-sun emerged as the strongest player in the women’s 500m this season

Meanwhile, in the women’s 500m Division A event held the previous day, Kim Min-sun (23, Uijeongbu City Hall), who had kept the top spot since the first round of the World Cup, took the first place again. Including the Four Continents Championships, it is a whopping 5 consecutive victories.토토

Min-sun Kim, who was assigned to the in-course group 9, her first 100m straight segment time was 10.46, which placed her fourth overall. She couldn’t say it was a very good start. However, her ‘back heart’ unique to Kim Min-sun shone this time as well. She maintained her pace even after she passed the final curve, and she finished her race in 36.96.

Her ranking was confirmed as Utah Ley Leedham (Netherlands) and Vanessa Herzog (Austria), who played in Group 10, failed to beat her record of Kim Min-sun. Kim Min-sun, who calmly watched the game, showed her bright smile and enjoyed her joy.

In particular, she catches her attention, Min-sun Kim, as she is shortening her time with each passing day. In just one week, she broke her personal record, which she had shattered in her previous World Cup third event (36 seconds 972). She had a gap of 0.30 seconds with Miho Takaki (Japan), who placed second in the 4th competition.

With her coming even closer to her world record (36.36) set by Lee Sang-hwa in 2013, she now holds her position at the top of the women’s 500m world rankings with her World Cup points of 240. Kim Min-seon, who has grown a notch since the Beijing Olympics held in February this year, is expected to continue her upward trend for the time being.