Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byung-ji donates money to restore Gangneung forest fire

Professional football K League 1 먹튀검증Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byung-ji announced on the 20th that he had donated 10 million won to the Gangwon-do Social Welfare Community Chest to recover from the Gangneung forest fire.

The donation will be used to restore forests in the affected area and to provide food and emergency relief goods to support the livelihood of the victims.

CEO Kim, who delivered donations to Gangwon-do through the Hometown Love Donation last month, also donated 10 million won for Gangwon-do and Gangneung-si this time.

CEO Kim said, “It’s not a large amount, but I hope it will be a small help to those who have suffered from the forest fire.” .

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