Han Chae-jin of ‘The Iron Lady of the Coat’ ahead of the record, “Every day is a precious time”

In women’s basketball, which consumes a lot of stamina, when you are over 30, you often hear the sound of ‘old man’.

At our age, a 40-year-old veteran is still looking at the record for the oldest active player while playing as a starting pitcher.먹튀검증

Reporter Heo Jae-won met Chae-jin Han.

I’m 38 and 10 months old, and I’m already in my 40s, but I train just like my juniors.

There is a difference of exactly 20 years old from the youngest, but there is no exception when it comes to exercising.

[Han Chae-jin / Incheon Shinhan Bank Forward: There are times when you forget your age. But I don’t think too deeply about my age because I’m playing well right now.]

Han Chae-jin, who debuted in 2003, has been playing only on the professional stage for 21 years.

Even more surprising is that from the 2009-2010 season to last season, he played an average of 30 minutes or more in each game for 13 consecutive years.

[Han Chae-jin / Forward of Shinhan Bank, Incheon: Some people nicknamed her ‘Iron Lady’, and even when she gets older, she still has the desire to compete, so isn’t she still doing it? .]

In the last three seasons, his performance is no less than that of younger players, ranking first in 2-point shot success rate, 3-point shot success rate, and interception rate.

He is a model on and off the court enough to receive the Best Player Award three times.

[Guna Dan / Director of Shinhan Bank, Incheon: (From Han Chae-jin) Young players are learning a lot, and that can be seen on the court, so in our team, as the eldest sister who holds the center, she plays an important role.]

Han Chae-jin, 27 If you play in the match against BNK, you will rewrite the record for the oldest participation in women’s basketball.

There are evaluations around me that I will be able to live an active life for the next 2-3 years, but I am preparing for a wonderful finish with no regrets.

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