Han Dong-Hoon, Ministry of Justice ‘Suk-Yeol Yoon Discipline’ Decided to lose?… Park Eun-jung “Me on the witness stand”

Park Eun-jeong, chief prosecutor of the Gwangju District Prosecutor’s Office’s Critical Economic Crimes Investigation Unit, said that the trial of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s disciplinary cancellation lawsuit was “a go-stop,” and said, “Please call yourself as a witness.” At the end of 2020, when the disciplinary action of President Yoon, who was the Prosecutor General, was in progress, Prosecutor Park served as an inspector general at the Ministry of Justice.

On the 22nd, Prosecutor Park said through his social network service ( SNS ), “The things that happen in the trial of Plaintiff Seok-Yeol Yoon and Defendant Dong-Hoon Han of the Ministry of Justice are accessible. There seems to be no improvement in the criticism of ‘squeezing and hitting Go-Stop’,” he said. Next, Prosecutor Park said, “It is a typical anti-law rule,” and added, “Former President Yoon and Minister Han should not distort the rule of law in the Republic of Korea.”

Previously, in December 2020, President Yoon, who was the Prosecutor General, was suspended for two months for reasons such as ‘writing and distributing documents on suspicion of inspection by the courts in major cases’. President Yoon filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Justice asking for his disciplinary action to be canceled, but the first trial in 2021메이저놀이터 decided that the disciplinary action was justified. President Yoon’s side appealed, but in the meantime, Minister Han, who is a ‘closest aide’ and a major figure in the ‘suspicion of obstruction of <Channel A> inspection and investigation’, one of the reasons for the disciplinary action, was inaugurated as the Minister of Justice. Minister Han has stated that he will not be involved in the lawsuit.

However, the suspicion that ‘Han Dong-hoon’s Ministry of Justice’ is passive in the lawsuit continues. The Government Legal Corporation, an agency under the Ministry of Justice, is acting as an agent for the Ministry of Justice, and in November of last year, they only submitted their opinions on the ‘trial process’ to the court’s request to ‘explain the contents of the case’. In addition, President Yoon, the opponent of the lawsuit, requested several witnesses, but the Ministry of Justice did not request a single witness. In the second trial held on the 16th, time was given for more than a month to submit documents, but the judge pointed out that the attorney’s attitude was inappropriate because the attorney for the Ministry of Justice submitted a brief on the day of the trial.

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