Hana 1Q, which has recently shown a change, but against Woori Bank…

Hana 1 Q’s recent performance was not bad. 스포츠토토 He went 2-3 in 5 games. However, it became smaller against Woori Bank.

Bucheon Hana One Q met Asan Woori Bank in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 18th and lost 44-69.

Hana 1 Q is selected as the weakest player in the league this season. I was anxious from the start. They started the season with 8 straight losses. Afterwards, he met Cheongju KB Stars and won, but then fell into a long losing streak again. In the first half, they recorded 1 win and 15 losses. It was the worst start.

However, the performance improved little by little in the second half. He defeated Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and succeeded in escaping his losing streak. Even after that, the performance continued to rise and took more close games with the opposing teams. They have 2 wins and 3 losses in the last 5 matches. The situation has definitely improved a lot compared to the first half.

Hana 1 Q, whose atmosphere changed, met Woori Bank, who confirmed the championship in the regular season. Although, the level difference with Woori Bank was clear. They have lost all of their last 5 head to head matches. However, Woori Bank was planning to rotate not the main players. That’s why Hana 1Q had a chance to win.

In response, coach Kim Do-wan of Hanawon Q said in an interview before the game, “I heard that the opponent rotates. It will be better than having all the best come in. You can’t be careless though. The opponent is more experienced than us and has a higher rank. I emphasized this aspect to the players as well.”

But the reality was grim. He played well in the first quarter. Kim Ji-young (171cm, G) led the team’s attack at the beginning of the game. Starting with a cut-in score, he scored mid-range and breakthrough points. At the end of the quarter, Ana Kim (165cm, G) added a breakthrough score and a 3-point shot. However, the defense gave 19 points to the opponent, which was disappointing. And it was regrettable that the team’s ace Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G) scored no points and Yang In-young (184cm, C) only scored two points. The first quarter ended 16-19.

In the second quarter, the offense was no longer released. When he tried to break through the goal, it was blocked by the opponent, and all of the five 3-point shots he attempted did not go in. It was Hana One Q that only scored a total of 8 points in the 2nd quarter. A total of 20 shots were attempted and only 5 were successful. Nevertheless, the reason why the score difference did not widen is because Hana 1 Q also controlled the opponent’s score well, allowing only 10 runs in the second quarter. As a result, the first half ended 24-29.

The problem was in the 3rd quarter. Yang In-young and Shin Ji-hyeon scored. However, no goals were scored after that. On the contrary, in defense, the opponent allowed a series of outside shots. He allowed 5 3-pointers and gave up 15 points. The score gap widened quickly.

The Hana One Q players did their best until the 4th quarter. Starting with Shin Ji-hyun, the players scored evenly. However, the difference in scores was too great. And allowed the opponent to make 3-pointers in a row. They couldn’t close the score gap and lost the game.

It was Hana 1 Q that showed more regrettable performance as much as it was riding the atmosphere. Director Kim also expressed his regret. In an interview after the game, “I don’t know why the players get smaller when they meet Woori Bank. I didn’t even think about fighting. When I said something to the players in the 4th quarter, I came to my senses only then. So after the game, I asked the players, ‘Why do grown adults have to listen to one thing?’ I feel regretful. It is really difficult.”

Considering the strength and performance of the two teams, it is not strange that Hana 1 Q lost. However, considering the performance of Hana 1 Q recently, it was Hana 1 Q that showed poor performance compared to usual. That’s why coach Kim expressed his regret after the match.

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