“He didn’t come to my house and went to Despy’s house” Buchanan, who was deeply saddened by Won Tae-in [Oh!Ssen Okinawa]  

amsung Lions foreign pitcher David Buchanan (34) is called the ‘king of the end of self-management’. 

Not only does he manage a strict diet, he always trains according to a set routine. He is also the secret to standing tall as Samsung’s foreign selection special, winning double-digit wins for three consecutive years. 

He spares no investment in his self-development. He invested $100,000 in his home in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA last year to set up his personal training space. It is equipped with training equipment comparable to that of a fitness center and installed a sauna. This time he prepared a new cold bath. 

When I asked Buchanan, “Isn’t the facility good enough to be a shame to use alone?” I think about how I can do better, so I keep investing.” He also added that he hoped that his son, Bradley, would work hard at the home gym when he grew up. 

Won Tae-in (23), the “blue-blooded ace,” had individual training sessions in Miami, Florida, USA with KT Koh Young-pyo (32) and Sohn Joon (22). He stayed at the home of foreign pitcher Audrey Samer Despaine, who played for KT until last year, and built up his body. 

In response, Buchanan said, “I start working out right after I return to my hometown after the season is over. I asked my teammates to come over to my house and join me, but they said that I should rest after the season. I asked Won Tae-in to come several times, but he didn’t come to my house, so I was a bit disappointed when he went there.” 

It is because I want to tell Won Tae-in, who usually considers himself like a teacher, something more. He said, “Won Tae-in has been asking questions since the first year I came to Samsung. He wasn’t raised by me, but he got better and better and is a player who puts in a lot of effort. I hope you will come to my house and exercise together after this season is over.” 스포츠토토

Won Tae-in, who went to Buchanan to adapt to the WBC official ball more quickly, said, “I asked Buchanan, and he said it was the same (with the KBO League official ball). He said that if you don’t think it’s different and just do it the same way, there won’t be a big problem. In a way, it can be more correct (than the KBO league official ball). Don’t think differently, just throw the same.” 

Buchanan said, “I didn’t say anything grandiose. To Won Tae-in, ‘It’s just the same ball. There are only a few differences. Just throw it like you normally would. A ball is just a ball. I hope you do what you do and don’t take it too seriously.” 

He also did not leave out a message of support for Won Tae-in, who was selected for the WBC national team. Buchanan said, “The national team has a lot of meaning. I wish you all the best. In addition to Won Tae-in, there are many really good players in Korea. I hope you get good grades.

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