High school baseball, “Beep, Strike” robot judges… Anticipation of corruption in the entrance exam

A ‘robot referee’ will be introduced in high school baseball.

Since no one intervenes, it is expected that the controversy over corruption in the entrance examination due to match fixing will disappear.

Reporter Kim Tae-wook covered the scene.

The ball thrown by the pitcher gets stuck in the catcher’s mitt.

[Location sound]
“Beep” “Strike”

[Location sound]

The referee made the call, but the robot made the decision먹튀검증.

From today, automatic strike and ball judgment has been officially introduced in high school baseball.

[Jeong Hyun-woo / Deoksu High School Pitcher]
“I think it’s good because the judgment itself is consistent, so it doesn’t seem to affect the game too much.”

The robot referee tracks the trajectory of the ball with three cameras installed in the stadium.

The decision made by the operation room device is sent to the referee with a sound signal.

The robot does not analyze at the request of the referee, but the robot analyzes itself, and the referee becomes the messenger.

Reset the strike zone to match the robot roll.

First of all, the left and right width has been widened by about one ball, and the height has been slightly lowered to match high school players.

The introduction of robot referees is intended to cut off issues in high school baseball that have been controversial in the past, such as corruption in the entrance exam.

[Yang Hae-Young / Vice President of the Korea Baseball Softball Association]
“The saying, ‘Even a bad feeling is part of the game’ has become a classic now. After being verified for 3 seasons in the 2nd professional team, we have secured our technical skills.”

A welcoming atmosphere for parents.

[Kim Jeong-soo / Parent of Cheongju High School Baseball Team]
“There was some uncertainty about the existing referee’s judgment, but (robot referees) welcome it because it seems to have expanded their opportunities to show off their skills and fair opportunities.”

Judges also accept the flow of the times.

[Lee Seung-chul / Korea Baseball Softball Association referee]
“I think it has the advantage of not being stressed (about the referee’s dissatisfaction) and being comfortable.”

It also emphasizes the advantage of “I can focus more on other judgments.”

KBO is reviewing various aspects so that the use of robot referees can be introduced in the first team.

This is Kim Tae-wook from Channel A News.

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