‘How dare you abandon me?’ Beverly pledges ‘revenge’ to the Lakers “I will block the Lakers PO”

Patrick Beverly vowed ‘revenge’ for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Beverly, who wore a Lakers uniform before this season and was traded to the Orlando Magic after half a year, signed a contract with the Chicago Bulls after announcing a buyout.

Beverly also received offers from the Golden State Warriors, but he reportedly chose Chicago. Chicago is Beverly’s hometown.스포츠토토

“I’m going to stop the Lakers from making the playoffs,” Beverly said on a recent podcast. It’s a backlash. Chicago faces the

Lakers twice. The Lakers are currently sitting 13th in the Western Conference. Play-in Tournament Magino Two games against Chicago are very important for a top 10 finish.The Lakers are two games behind the Oklahoma City Thunder in 10.

Chicago is also 11th in the Eastern Conference, two games behind the Toronto Raptors in 10th

. Depending on the results of the two games head-to-head, whether or not to advance to the play-in tournament may be determined.

Beverly averaged only 6 points at the Lakers, but had a good 3-point shot success rate.

Beverly verbally abused a referee during a playoff game in September 2020 and was fined 20,005 He was fined $25,000 for throwing a ball into the stands in October 2019. He is known for his rough court manners, especially when he played for the Houston Rockets during the 2012-2013 season with the Oklahoma City Thunder

. He severely injured Westbrook’s knee in the off.

Because of this incident, the two growled at each other whenever they met.

The two of them ate together at the Lakers this season. However, the two broke up after half a year of meeting. After Beverly was traded to Chicago and Westbrook was traded to Utah Jazz, he wore a LA Clippers uniform as a buyout.

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