Hwayang High School, ‘Federation President’s Quarterfinals’, “I practiced hard for good grades this time too”

Hwayang High School is doing its best to achieve high grades like last year.

Last year, Hwayang High School was not a weak team. It is because he went up to the quarterfinals during the federation presidency period. Looking back at this, Hwayang High School coach Shim Sang-moon said, “Last year, I went to the quarterfinals during the federation presidency. It was the quarterfinals in 6-7 years. So the players are also more confident. However, after that, I continued to meet Jemulpogo and lost unfortunately. that’s a bit disappointing Still, a basketball boom has recently occurred in Yeosu, and parents are cooperative. The school also provides better support,” he said, revealing his satisfaction with last year’s season.스포츠토토

Coach Sim and Hwayang High School are receiving more expectations as they did well last year, and they are working harder to live up to them. Coach Shim said, “I practiced hard for a good result this time as well. The motivation of the players was also good. In fact, it is not easy for us to hold practice matches during the semester. So during this winter training, I practiced a lot. In the meantime, there were many situations where I gave up in the middle due to lack of practice game experience. It was to overcome this,” he explained, explaining why he practiced a lot.

He continued, “I went to Gyeongju in January. In Gyeongju Stove League, Kyunghee University, Sangmyung University, and Dongguk University all entered. And in Geoje Island, I practiced with Godae. In the end, we played against teams from Gyeongnam and Busan.”

“I continued to practice a lot until last week. There are still many deficiencies. Still, it has improved a lot.”

When asked about the team color, Coach Shim replied, “There are no tall players on our team. It’s a pity. Still, to make up for that, I try to play fast-paced basketball. In defense, I focused on rebounding, boxing out, and rotation defense.” In fact, our team is more focused on offense than defense. If the offense works well and the shot goes well, we will have a good game. It is a team with one room. The key is the confidence of the players,” he said, conveying the team color.

However, Hwayang High School has a big problem. That’s the ‘available number of people’. There are 11 people on the team, but 5 of them are freshmen. In response, Coach Shim said, “Now there are 3 juniors and 3 sophomores. These players are fake. So I couldn’t take a break and kept playing. I’m worried about this. At first, the players struggled too. But now, my stamina has improved and my performance has improved. The key is to go through the season without injury.”

Continued “(Yoon) Jun-sik and (Park) In-seop have to hold the center well. Jun-sik went to the 16-year-old and 18-year-old national team. He is tall and versatile. His greatest strength is his versatility. His passing ability is the best in high school, he is an all-round player. However, he still lacks fighting skills. It would be nice if only those things were supplemented,” he said, evaluating Yoon Jun-shik.

Also, “Inseop is good at assembling matches and attacking. Even if he sticks with college teams, he doesn’t lose in a 1-on-1 game,” Park In-seop also evaluated.

Finally, when we asked Coach Shim about his goal, he said, “For now, the goal is to reach the round of 16. If they are in good condition and their performance improves a lot, we are looking forward to the quarterfinals. After playing practice matches, this year, except for a few teams, it seems that almost all of them are in the middle. So I think the condition of the day is important.”

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