“Hyeon-ho passed by” Jung Chang-young looked back at the lucky steel

Luck comes to those who work harder and concentrate. While Jeonju KCC captain Jeong Chang-young (35, 193cm) took the lead in the team’s victory, he also looked back at his lucky steel.

Chung Chang-young started in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league home game against Wonju DB held at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 11th, and played an active role with 3 points, 3 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals for 22 minutes and 47 seconds. He made all five free throws. KCC, in 6th place, added the performances of La Gun-ah (1 point, 14 rebounds, 2 assists) and Jeon Jun-beom (12 points, 5 rebounds) to win 84-64 and break away from a two-game losing streak.

Jeong Chang-young, who took the lead in overpowering KCC by concentrating on 7 points in the first quarter, continued to show off his presence. In addition to showing his breakthrough power, he also contributed to the development of the team’s fast attack. The 8 assists were Jeong Chang-young’s personal record this season.

“It was an important match. In order to fight in the 6th round, we needed a victory, but the team atmosphere was degraded as we helplessly gave up the match against LG (9th). He had a team meeting, and the motivation to win was great토토사이트. Thanks to that, I think the overall game went well from the beginning.”

Chung Chang-young took over as captain following Lee Jung-hyun, who obtained FA qualification after the end of last season and transferred to Seoul Samsung. Is it because of responsibility? Chung Chang-young is averaging 8.8 points and 2.7 assists, the highest since his debut.

Regarding this, Chung Chang-young said, “It was the first time I took the captaincy and I had a sense of responsibility. (Lee) Seung-hyeon and (Heo) Woong-i newly joined the team, and the team received a lot of attention. Contrary to expectations, it is true that the results were poor. As a result, as a senior, I felt a sense of responsibility to lead more players.”

Jung Chang-young continued, “I tried not to lose myself in order to jump one step ahead of my juniors on the court. I also thought, ‘If I do that, my juniors will see me and follow me’. It is also something that he always emphasizes to the players before the game,” he added.

There was also a lucky steel made thanks to working with this mindset. Jung Chang-young’s attempt at the beginning of the 3rd quarter ended in vain, but La Gun-ah succeeded in scoring a footback, and DB developed an attack. At this time, Kim Hyeon-ho, who received a pass from Kim Jong-gyu, was unaware that Jung Chang-young had fallen on the end line. Jung Chang-young, approaching from behind, stole Kim Hyun-ho’s ball and then assisted Kim Sang-gyu’s goal.

Regarding this, Jung Chang-young said, “When I was backcourting, I saw (Kim) Hyeon-ho passing in front of me. Of course I thought he would be conscious of me, but he wasn’t. ‘Huh?’ He steals from behind, but I don’t think he knew it at all. So a lucky situation happened,” he laughed.

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