I feel guilty about Conte’s health” Tottenham assistant coach’s sad confession

“I feel guilty for the pain of coach Antonio Conte.”카지노사이트

Ahead of the West Ham game on the 20th, Tottenham head coach Christian Stellini blamed himself for Conte’s health condition, which is under extreme stress.

Conte was diagnosed with cholecystitis last month and underwent emergency surgery in Turin, Italy. Despite the doctor’s recommendation that a 15-day recuperation period be required, Conte returned to Tottenham’s training ground hurriedly eight days after surgery, 1-4 against Leicester City and 0-1 European Champions League defeat against AC Milan. I kept the bench in the field. It was belatedly known that he took the baton while wearing an assistive device after surgery in a bad condition, and right after the match against AC Milan, coach Conte remained in Italy and received medical treatment. It was diagnosed that he needed more time to recover, and the Tottenham club did not specify when Conte would return, despite his desire to return.

“Antonio is the same every day, every moment,” said Stellini, who replaced Conte at the helm. “I have to make important decisions with the club,” he said. “Antonio will return when he is in 100% condition. But there will be no return the day before the game. We have already made mistakes and we do not want to repeat them,” he said. made it clear

“We are hoping that the time will come soon for Conte to come back. It could be before or after the Chelsea match. We have to accept it and Conte has to accept it. The doctors who performed the surgery, our doctor, his His wife and family are holding him back from Italy.”

“After the loss against AC Milan, I felt sad,” Stellini said. “I couldn’t have held back this decision (Conte’s early return) more actively and felt responsible because Conte’s stress and pain continues. I don’t want to feel this again. I want him to be in 100% condition I will convince you to come back when you come back,” he said with great strength.

Instead, he plans to continue smooth communication with manager Conte ahead of the match against West Ham. Coach Stellini said, “It’s a different situation than when I was resting in bed right after my surgery last time. Coach Conte will be 100% connected to us. We will be able to communicate more smoothly than last time. My phone is open 24 hours a day. “I can call him whenever he wants. Even in the middle of the night, I answer his phone and we talk every minute about football and our team. We talk whenever we think about it. It’s always about football.”

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