“I got this crab from ○○Pochi, Incheon, and when I opened the box, it was like this.” Actuality

A consumer who bought a live blue crab with all its legs at a seafood market in Incheon claimed that it was replaced with a dead crab with only a few legs.

On the 21st, Mr. A, who identified himself as a citizen of Incheon, posted a post titled ‘OO Pogu crab purchase review’ on the online community Bobae Dream, revealing his experience at a seafood market in Incheon.

“While living in Incheon, I haven’t visited OO Pogu in recent years, and I don’t have to tell you why,” he said. “I wanted to see what the wind was blowing today, and I had a healthy feeling that it might have changed a lot,” he continued.

At the market, Mr. A went to a restaurant with a good price and composition, and after eating a satisfying meal, he said he felt proud, thinking, ‘Finally, OO pouches have changed. At that moment of relaxation, Mr. A claimed to have experienced something outrageous.

“I thought I would buy some blue crabs and boil them for my children, so I bought some (fresh) blue crabs and brought them in a cooler, but when I got home and checked them안전놀이터, I found them in this condition,” he said. In the photos he shared, some of the blue crabs had lost up to seven legs. Of the nine blue crabs he bought, not a single one had all of its legs intact.

“They were definitely alive and kicking,” he says, “and there were no missing legs in the icebox. I don’t have a picture of the other one, but it’s in a similar condition,” he said. “I won’t (visit) anymore for the rest of my life,” he said, adding, “It just makes me laugh. I’ll spread the word.”

Netizens were sympathetic to Ms. A’s story. “They must have eaten each other inside the box,” “You have to watch them when they are packed,” and “If you go to OO port, you will become OO hogu.” A netizen who claimed to be a fisherman said, “No legs doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality. There are many customers who deliberately look for crabs without legs,” but also pointed out that “replacing live crabs with dead crabs is not a business, but a scam.”

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